Water polo: the Marseille leader applies the tariff in the Sétois basin

Water polo: the Marseille leader applies the tariff in the Sétois basin

Les Sétois ont souvent cherché la solution en attaque. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

Sète Natation s'est incliné 7-11 ce samedi 23 mars face au CN Marseille.

It’s been a hectic week for Sète Natation. After taking charge of the organization of the N2 French University Championships on Wednesday and Thursday, the Héraultais actually continued two days later with the reception in Marseille.

This was not an easy task and it quickly became clear in the Laurent-Vidal basin. Dentro opened the scoring for the locals after a minute of play (1-0), but a surge would then fall on Sète. Olivier Chandieu's men could not resist the defensive pressure imposed by the Phocaeans, too few attacks were carried out at the end, too many balls were lost and the score turned to 1-5 at the start of the second period .

Marseille accelerates

The gap remained the same at half-time (3-7), then Marseille picked up the pace. On the one hand, Sauton found the post, then the goalkeeper with a default shot. And on the other, the CNM exploited all the spaces left by the local defense to widen a crippling gap (3-10, 22nd).

Leading 4-11 at the start of the last quarter, the Sétois sounded the revolt and won the period with a score of 3-0. For honor. The undefeated leader of the Elite swims in other waters.

The technical sheet

► Sète…………………7
► Marseille……..11

Raoul-Fonquerne Center.
Quarter time details: 1-4, 2-3, 1-4, 3-0.
Referees: MM. Masson and Vanhems.

Sète : Van den Burg (2 goals), Lopinot (1), Dentro (2), Ait-Dahmane (1), Da Silva (1).
Ten temporary exclusions, two permanent.

Marseille: Vernoux (2 goals), Angyal (1), Izdinsky (3), Manhercz (3), Bouet (1, sp ), Vanpeperstraete (1).
Seven temporary exclusions, one permanent.

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