“We are addressing France which doubts” assures Guillaume Lacroix, head of the list of the Radical Left Party in the European elections

“We are addressing France which doubts” assures Guillaume Lacroix, head of the list of the Radical Left Party in the European elections

The president of the PRG Guillaume Lacroix leads the Europe Territories Ecology list. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

The president of the Radical Left Party leads the Europe Territories Ecology list. As part of his electoral campaign, he is passing through Hérault, this Friday, and Gard, this Saturday.

You carry the list of the Radical Left Party. Why not ally yourself with another of the main left-wing groups, the PS for example ?

It’s been thirty years since we were at the head of the list in European elections. Why not go with the PS ? La Nupes. We have had a clear line since 2022: we are the only political group represented in Parliament which did not want to go to Nupes.

At the time of the European elections, we reached out to find out if those who said they were disappointed with Nupes wanted to come together. But by saying that this gathering could only happen if there was no Nupes 2 tomorrow, with La France insoumise. We did not obtain a satisfactory answer on this point, or even the opposite. Because today the boss of the socialists castigates Jean-Luc Mélenchon but hopes to get LFI back behind.

So, we remain in our positions, republican, secular, universalist, which are not compatible with LFI. And they are not in Europe either.

But these values ​​could have been compatible with the list of the PS and Place publique. The agreement was really impossible ?

From the moment when the boss of the PS explains that his subject is to do Nupes 2 tomorrow with LFI but, he dreams, without Jean-Luc Mélenchon, and where Raphaël Glucksmann puts on his list in n° 3 Pierre Jouvet, the artisan of Nupes, we didn’t really see what we could do together.

In fact, you took the lead in a list where seven parties are represented…

Yes. Including Régions et Peuples Solidaires, which has four deputies in the National Assembly, and two outgoing MEPs, Volt, a party present in all European countries, which has two MEPs, and all political parties, social, republican, who were in Bernard Cazeneuve's convention.

Who is your project for ?

Our project is aimed at doubting France. We are not playing the French derby which is going well between Mr. Glucksmann and Mrs. Hayer. Our subject is these French people who want to abstain or vote to the extreme right. And to reach out to them and convince them, we are campaigning outside the metropolises. And to talk about concrete things.

For example ?

The first point of our project: if we defend European strengthening, Europe must already be capable of supplying medicines. We knew how to manufacture planes and rockets in Europe with Airbus, let's do the same with medicine. A pharmaceutical Airbus, with rights and tax facilities, would enable players in a sector to cooperate and produce in Europe.

What other priority issues are you targeting ?

We want to add a housing component to the EU Green Deal: we propose a resident status in metropolises and tense areas, in these places where people work but cannot housing, this status will give priority to purchasing your main home.

Another priority: put three euros into renewable energies for every time we put one into nuclear power. And within the framework of the common agricultural policy, we are for regionalization of aid, and for harmonization of production standards.

And for a Europe of defense, we propose that there be a pillar within NATO, in which the Europeans will regroup. They are today in dispersed order, and we can no longer rely on the United States to organize our defense.

Are you worried about polls that give you a low rating ?

Today we actually have difficulty breaking through because our offer is new, but also because the level of speaking time given to lists in the national audiovisual media is totally unfair. Our approach is not identified because we do not have access to any debate.

In fact, the French never hear about us, except when the regional daily press gives us the floor.

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