“We are all very dissatisfied”: ecologist Manu Reynaud joins the dance on the CSR factory and waste in Montpellier

“We are all very dissatisfied”: ecologist Manu Reynaud joins the dance on the CSR factory and waste in Montpellier

Manu Reynaud chairs the environmental group within the municipal council. François Vasquez withdrew in December 2022. Midi Libre – K.S.

The president of the environmental group at the Montpellier municipal council comes to support the mayor on the decidedly very controversial CSR sector, and in passing scratches his former running mate at EELV, François Vasquez, the former vice-president of the Metropolis in charge of the sector, and which was excluded.

In four pages and many more questions addressed to Michaël Delafosse, Manu Reynaud, deputy mayor and president of the environmental group on the municipal council, entered the dance concerning the necessity (or not) of the & rsquo;CSR factory. The same one that made François Vasquez throw in the towel We knew the two ecologists were at odds; François Vasquez having distanced himself from the municipal group of Manu Reynaud. This time, the tension is raised another notch.

Abandonment of post ?

"I learned about his disagreement from the press, these are methods ?, asks the deputy mayor. François Vasquez was vice-president, so well placed to get things done. But it doesn't happen alone. It takes time, patience and determination. I call it abandonment of post. He went from the role of actor to that of spectator." Abandonment of post or forced departure ? To be seen.

A third way ?

As for the CSR sector, the environmental manager proposes a third voice, highlighting a new issue: the end of the DSP of Ametyst on December 31, 2024 and pleading for a transient DSP “Ametyst”.

"The CSR sector, of course, I have a negative a priori, underlines Manu Reynaud, but we must study all avenues. When we take our waste elsewhere ? Where is the ecological thinking ?" Adding : "Me, I I have to stay the course. Of course, we are all very dissatisfied with the progress of our policies in this area. The mayor first. We all want it to go faster!"

Too close to the mayor ?

Which reminds us of his closeness and loyalty to Michaël Delafosse. Precisely what many members of EELV criticize him for. "Am I too loyal to the mayor ?, he concludes. I take things objectively. The CSR is not something appropriate in the metropolis. But we don't leave a majority and a team with which we were elected." A team ? Or at least what’ there are still some left among the Greens.

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