“We are proud of our know-how passed down from generation to generation”: Maison Fabre prepares its centenary

“We are proud of our know-how passed down from generation to generation”: Maison Fabre prepares its centenary

Olivier Fabre : Nous entretenons un lien profond avec Millau et les Millavois.” FREDERIC GARRIGUES – FREDERIC GARRIGUES

Dans le cadre de notre série consacrée aux métiers du cuir, rencontre avec le Millavois Olivier Fabre.

Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Olivier Fabre, I am the 4th generation of Maître-Gantier, director of Maison Fabre, founder and CEO of the association Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in Pays de Millau and vice-CEO of the Association. rsquo;Pôle Cuir Aveyron association. My childhood in the glove factory taught me the meaning of listening and a job well done. The hard work of my two grandfathers, one a baker in the center of Millau, the other Maitre-Gantier, the demands of my grandmother, 1st lady manager of the company. company with 350 employees in Aveyron, remind me of the hard-working temperament of the region. The courage of my father, the trust he placed in me and the education of my mother, a school principal, taught me perseverance and respect.

How did you get to the head of Maison Fabre ?

It’is above all the result of a fascinating family history and a deep desire to preserve this unique heritage.  After years of observation, without being intended to join the company, I took the plunge 26 years ago, at a pivotal moment for our House. Even though I knew the company well, I had to immerse myself in it, I wanted to know everything, enrich myself with the experience of the ’ laquo; old ».

I traveled across France to understand who our new customers and outlets could be. With my brother Jean-Marc based in Millau, we charted a course. I went to Paris to meet a new clientele in fashion, sport and administration. This allowed us to relaunch the glove shop, hire and train craftsmen, renovate the glove shop in 2005, and open our boutique at the Palais Royal in Paris in 2007.

How would you describe the company?

It is an institution anchored in the cultural history of the city of the glove. It is the oldest, if not the last, family glove shop in France. We are proud of our know-how passed down from generation to generation, combining tradition and innovation. Our talented and dedicated artisans are trained in the workshop, they share our passion for excellence. Stars from all over the world seek us out, the biggest brands collaborate with us and the French State trusts us with, among other things, the gloves of the Republican Guard.

What products do you make?

We manufacture high-end gloves combining quality leather, modernity and exceptional traditional craftsmanship: city gloves, sports gloves, administrative gloves (police, gendarmerie, army) and leather accessories. Each piece is carefully designed and guaranteed for life. We maintain and repair all our creations which are distributed throughout the world, in our boutiques in Millau and Paris and on maisonfabre.com. We are partners with renowned retailers, brands, Parisian department stores and numerous museums.

What link does Maison Fabre have with its territory ?

A deep link with Millau and the Millavois. We have been promoting local raw materials since 2019, particularly leather and wool. We are committed to preserving traditional trades and supporting the local economy. We offer visits to businesses and schools in Millau.

What are your projects ?

We are enthusiastically preparing for the 100th anniversary of Maison Fabre with exhibitions retracing its history, new artistic collaborations, and limited editions of emblematic products. It’s a meeting with our customers, with the Millavois, an opportunity to pay tribute to our heritage, to share our passion. We are continuing our efforts in terms of training and transmission.

In 2024, we will launch our first line of leather goods. I am very committed alongside Nadia Bedar, director of candidacy, practitioners and elected officials, in this pivotal year of candidacy to the intangible cultural heritage of know-how linked to glovemaking in the Millau region. It’s nearly 750 years of history that we hope to see registered with Unesco.

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