“We have difficulty recruiting while young people are looking”: the automotive sector turns to rugby clubs to hire

“We have difficulty recruiting while young people are looking”: the automotive sector turns to rugby clubs to hire

Offers to learn a trade and obtain a work-study program. Illustration Midi Libre – Jean-Michel MART

The project "I choose my route" will be launched this Wednesday, March 13 at the MHR stadium. Young people who wish to find training will be able to speak with professionals in the automotive professions in order to be hired in the Montpellier sector.

It was during a conversation that Vincent Brunel, president of Mobilians – specialized in the automobile sector, and Jean-Michel Arazo of MHR that the idea of ​​the project was born.

On the one hand, automotive professionals who "have difficulty recruiting" and on the other, young people looking for a path, a work-study program, training that could lead to a job.

The initiative "I choose my route" which consists of will be launched this Wednesday, March 13 in order to bring together professionals and young licensees in a rugby club in Montpellier and surrounding areas.

"Stellantis is missing 5,000 people in France. I therefore proposed recruiting in rugby schools knowing that there are 250,000 licensees in France", explains Vincent Brunel.

Based on this observation, he therefore wishes to experiment with this recruitment campaign in the Montpellier sector and if successful, the project will be extended to all of France.

A hundred recruitments planned during this first stage

This Wednesday, March 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the premises of the GGL Stadium of the MHR (parking access P1/P2), the Stellantis manufacturer teams as well as professional training organizations, dealers, etc. will present the different professions and courses professionals offered in order to recruit a young person on a work-study basis to train them as close as possible to their club and therefore their home. 

With no less than a hundred offers proposed by the 52 companies in the geographical area in the post- automobile sales – such as mechanics, painting, bodywork -, marketing and commerce.

Young people interested in this evening and who are not members of a rugby club can also come to this meeting. 

Why rugby ?

Vincent Brunel, who works in the automobile industry, is passionate about rugby. He played with Jean-Michel Arazo when he was young and knows the famous values ​​of the oval.

"Young people who play in a rugby club will carry the values ​​beyond their club. When they commit, they commit to the end and with respect", explains the one at the back# 39;origin of this initiative and who firmly believes in it.

"From experience, these are young people who easily integrate into a professional team and who are serious.& quot;

This first meeting is therefore an opportunity for recruiters, as well as for young people who are looking for a work-study program or others. Everyone wins. 

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