“We must not give up”: Magali Berdah reacts to the conviction of 28 Internet users for cyberharassment

“We must not give up”: Magali Berdah reacts to the conviction of 28 Internet users for cyberharassment

Magali Berdah réagit aux peines prononcées contre les personnes jugées pour cyberharcèlement. CAPTURE ECRAN TWITTER – BFMTV

Ce mardi 19 mars 2024, pas moins de 28 internautes ont été condamnés après avoir été jugés pour cyberharcèlement contre Magali Berdah.

During the deliberations this Tuesday, sentences of up to prison were handed down against 28 people, reports BFMTV. The weakest are subject to suspended prison terms (4 months). As for prison sentences, they will be carried out under an electronic bracelet. Magali Berdah reacted to the convictions on the set of the news channel.

"We must not give up"

The one who was first the target of the rapper Booba, then a major cyberstalker, went to the set of BFMTV and spoke after the verdict delivered this Tuesday. "I am very relieved. I find that it’s a very strong message that justice has sent to victims of cyberharassment and also to cyberstalkers", she declared.

It also quickly noted that the actions of these web criminals are not without impunity, since’they "risk imprisonment firm", while recalling that 14 of the 28 tried will go behind bars. "It's worth fighting for and we must not give up", she added.

Magali Berdah also wanted to highlight the work of the police, but particularly praised the work "effective" of the prosecution of the PNLH (national center for the fight against online hatred) which is effective.

120 000 violent messages

All the defendants were found guilty for all of the charges: cyberstalking, death threats, threats of crime, threats due to supposed membership of a religion . Magali Berdah will receive 54 000 euros in damages.

The popess of influence nevertheless spoke with regret of her experiences of recent months. She recalled that she had to move several times, but also that she received more than 120,000 violent messages on social networks.

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