Weather: almost 30 degrees in Paris, 27 in Bordeaux… after the bad weather, temperatures are about to skyrocket

Weather: almost 30 degrees in Paris, 27 in Bordeaux... after the bad weather, temperatures are about to skyrocket

Après les crues, des températures au-dessus des normales de saison ce week-end. (illustration) MaxPPP/Unsplash

After the bad weather for Easter, forecasts for the coming days suggest a clear improvement in weather conditions.

The sunny days are coming. While rain fell on a good part of France for the Easter weekend and this Tuesday two departments are still on red alert for floods, the weather should clearly improve in the coming days, according to the forecasts of Météo-France.

Up to 31 degrees in Bourges

If today temperatures are expected to be around 20 °C at most in the south of the country, a sharp and sudden increase in temperatures is expected for next weekend . A "tropical night" should be observed during the night from Thursday to Friday near Biarritz, indicates the news channel BFMTV< /em>.

Thus, the Basque Country will warm up considerably with 27 °C in Bordeaux, or even 24 °C in Limoges. But it is in the heart of the weekend that France will see its thermometer soar. Bourges, in Centre-Val de Loire should display 31°C this Saturday, 30°C in Tarbes, or another 28°C on the capital city. The Mediterranean basin will become cooler with temperatures close to 20 °C.

These temperatures, which will delight many, nevertheless remain well above seasonal norms. This meteorological phenomenon is explained by a mass of hot air " which rises from the Equator, from North Africa, which will cross the Iberian Peninsula and reach almost the whole of France", underlines meteorologist Patrick Malière.

Red Vigilance

While waiting for good weather, two departments remain on red alert for floods: Yonne and Saône-et-Loire. Four others are in orange for the same reasons, namely  l’Aube, Nièvre, Côte-d’Or and Gironde, according to the latest bulletin from Vigi Météo France.

This rising water level caused significant material damage but also led to the emergency evacuation of several hundred people.

According to the Saône-et-Loire state services, the decline has started but should be very slow.

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