“What a waste of energy”: the Saint-Affrique slaughterhouse placed in receivership

"What a waste of energy": the Saint-Affrique slaughterhouse placed in receivership

On est tous dégoûtés et on n’a plus confiance envers la direction qui ne nous dit rien”. Les 31 salariés déplorent un manque d’information de la direction. Archives ML

The decision would have been taken on Tuesday by the Rodez commercial court. 31 employees are affected.

The slaughterhouse, which reopened on October 16, saw its health approval withdrawn by the prefect of Aveyron on March 14 for "absence of health control which leads to a proven risk for the health of consumers and the protection of animals in the context of their killing."

Since then, the establishment has ceased its activity. Today, the employees, apparently thirty-one in number, are no longer working. On Monday, April 22, they finally received salary transfers for the month of March, except three of them. The latter filed a request for interim relief to the industrial tribunal of Millau.

Sébastien David : "What energy wasted for nothing"< /h2>

Thursday, employees had still not received their salaries for the months of April and May. Filing for bankruptcy Still, according to our information, SAS Abattoir Sud-Aveyron Saint-Affrique, which manages the slaughterhouse, filed for bankruptcy this Tuesday, May 28, with the Rodez commercial court. Court which would have placed Sas in receivership. Jean-François Blanc would have been appointed judicial administrator and Christine Dauverchain judicial representative.

Sébastien David, mayor and president of the community of communes that owns the walls, was unable to attend the hearing that took place behind closed doors between the judges and the company's representatives: “I kept the employees informed. We have been in the same sequence for forty years between successive buyers. My thoughts are with the slaughterhouse employees and the employees who only have the desire to work and contribute to this work tool. We held meetings and meetings to help them, support them and support them with the services of the sub-prefect of Millau. What a waste of energy."

"We are all disgusted"

Eric Apolit, one of the employees, finds that the situation is very difficult for employees who have no information from the managers of the slaughterhouse: "We don’ rsquo;did not receive salaries for the months of April and May. Among the employees, there is a couple with a child who is having difficulty. There are couples where the only income is from the slaughterhouse. Even if the salary guarantee scheme takes over, since the company would have been placed in receivership, the payment of salaries would only take place between fifteen and twenty-one days after the court decision of commerce, or not before mid-June at the earliest. We are all disgusted and we no longer have confidence in the management which tells us nothing. There is zero communication and therefore a loss of trust. For the region, it is unfortunate that this tool does not work. Yesterday, we tried to contact the managers of the slaughterhouse and their lawyer. In vain. To be continued.

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