What are “anti-wrinkle straws”, this new fad of TikTokers in search of eternal youth ?

What are “anti-wrinkle straws”, this new fad of TikTokers in search of eternal youth ?

Drinking through a straw, classic at least, would encourage the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. This is why TikTokers no longer swear by this new so-called “anti-wrinkle” straw. Ridofranz/Getty Images

A gadget for some, a revolution for others: the "anti-wrinkle straws" can, in any case, boast of being all the rage on social networks. And for good reason, their very specific shape, whose curve evokes a hook, would help fight against the wrinkles and fine lines that form with age around the mouth. In any case, that's what is being rumored on TikTok…

Would we have found anything better than Botox to get rid of – once and for all – the wrinkles and fine lines that naturally form with age ? That's it what do some users of the Chinese social network TikTok seem to think, convinced that the appearance of these dreaded brands could be delayed by a new object as strange as it is surprising: a straw.

A sensational trend

Although the idea may offend some people, this straw with particular characteristics is indeed causing a sensation on the Asian platform, to the point of having accumulated several million views to date. And this is only the beginning if we consider that the phenomenon has mainly taken place – for the moment – across the Atlantic.

But then why such enthusiasm for what appears at first glance to be a gadget ? According to the main stakeholders, this straw would make it possible to annihilate the harmful effects conventional straws – not for the environment, but for the appearance of wrinkles. These would in fact require too many muscles, and would force ordinary people to purse their lips, which would ultimately encourage the appearance of these famous little unwanted folds. “Anti-wrinkle straws”, whether they were created with this in mind or not, would, on the contrary, prevent the muscles around the mouth from contracting. Eureka!

The straws in question are much wider than traditional models, but above all they have a very specific shape. Curved, they look like a hook and therefore allow users to drink without having to purse their lips or strain the muscles around the mouth. Only the cheeks hollow, nothing else. An invention, nay, a revolution, according to those who tested and approved them.

The fact remains that the experts are not convinced, just like – it must be noted – the majority of users who commented on the videos in question."I have more important things to think about than worrying about the wrinkles that may appear when I drink through a straw", "I just think the wrinkles will appear somewhere else so", "I don't care about&#39 ;having wrinkles: aging is normal, so a regular straw suits me" are among the messages spotted under some of the publications extolling the merits of these famous "anti-wrinkle straws". And they are far from being the only ones…

Sceptical health professionals

Health professionals are also skeptical. "There is no scientific evidence that anti-wrinkle straws are an effective method of preventing perioral wrinkles – furthermore, the lips are always slightly pursed" , explains Dr Leah Totton, founder of the specialist chain Dr Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinics, to the Telegraph. And add: "You would have to drink very often through a normal straw for this to contribute to the formation of perioral wrinkles".

Same story for Dr. Jenny Liu, dermatologist interviewed by the New York Times, who does not question the potential of these straws, but specifies that there is no problem. There is no study to support these facts. And to point out: "Lip lines are not only due to repetitive movements. Genetics, sun damage and other factors like occupation – for example musicians, who play with their mouths – can all influence the likelihood of developing lip lines".

Rather than investing in such an accessory, it is better to first eliminate all the factors that can promote the appearance of such wrinkles: tobacco, lack of ;#39;hydration, exposure to the sun without protection, or even a poor diet. And remember that the appearance of wrinkles is anything but abnormal as we age. Or, simply eliminate straws from your daily life, and drink directly from the glass.

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