What are the 14 destinations of the low-cost airline Transavia offered this summer from Montpellier airport ?

What are the 14 destinations of the low-cost airline Transavia offered this summer from Montpellier airport ?

Nicolas Hénin, directeur général adjoint de Transavia, était à Montpellier ce jeudi pour présenter le programme estival de la compagnie à bas coût Transavia. Midi Libre – GIACOMO ITALIANO

Nicolas Hénin, its deputy general manager, was in Montpellier this Thursday to present the summer offer.

It's Emmanuel Brehmer, chairman of the board of directors of the Montpellier Méditerranée airport company, who pays tribute to his guest of the day, Nicolas Hénin, deputy general manager of Transavia, the low-cost airline of the Air France group. "Transavia is the first partner of our platform", he insists.

The observation could not be more true: this summer, the green and white company will offer 14 destinations departing from Montpellier Méditerranée airport."It’s true that the development that we had planned before the Covid-19 period did not happen, but we are still here", insists this manager, who came this Thursday to present his company's summer program.

The Mediterranean vocation

A particularly rich and diverse program, which includes three new features: Istanbul, Oran and Rabat. As a symbol of the Mediterranean vocation of the company, if we add Tunis, Rome or Athens. Certainly, Transavia closed Berlin, the destination served last year. But it nonetheless increased its supply.

Transavia’s 14 summer destinations this summer

Three new international destinations are being created from Montpellier, signed by Transavia: Istanbul, Constantine and Rabat. They are added to & others more ancient, such as Tunis, Athens, Heraklion, Rome, Lisbon, Seville, Algiers, Oran, Marrakech, Rotterdam. As for The fourteenth destination is Paris Orly. On which Emmanuel Brehmer has great hopes. "By June, metro line 14 will go as far as Orly. This will considerably shorten access to the heart of Paris, he insists. Hoping to very quickly find the 300,000 passengers lost in this destination since Covid. "As much as with the extended line 14, Paris will be within reach. 14.50 euros". An argument far from being negligible when choosing between the plane and the train.

"The Air France group's strategy means that we concentrate our efforts on Paris Orly airport, explains Nicolas Hénin. For two years, we will develop our fleet there. But at the end of this period, we hope to restart the dynamic in the region and, why not, that in Montpellier". Because, he insists, "there is real potential here".

An "plane based throughout the summer"

At the time, the company was considering basing two planes on the Montpellier tarmac. Only one has been so far. But why not a second once the strategy around Paris Orly is well established ? In the meantime, Nicolas Hénin, announced : "l’ plane based in Montpellier will remain there all summer". In other words, it will not be “borrowed” for other destinations.

This summer, the company will offer a total of 420,000 seats on its various flights. This is a little less than a third more than in summer 2023. This shows the ambitions of the company departing from Montpellier.

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