What is Palmsy, the anti social network with fake likes ?

What is Palmsy, the anti social network with fake likes ?

L'application Palmsy n'est pas encore disponible sur les appareils Android. Courtesy of Folder, LLC

If you want to detox from social media while still retaining the excitement of posting content and receiving likes, look no further. Palmsy might just be the solution to your problems. But be careful, on this social network, everything is an illusion.

There's nothing social about the Palmsy app. The platform only works on your phone. Unlike traditional social networks, nothing you post will be shared with other users. You will still be able to post photos and statuses, and receive likes, but all this will remain confidential and will never leave your device. How it works ? After publishing your content, the application selects people from your contact list to simulate "like" on your publication.

Palmsy's goal is to help you avoid the fear of not getting 'likes'. on your last publication. This particular app allows you to satisfy your need to post content, while avoiding the negative effects of social media on your mental health.

Palmsy developer Pat Nakajima said on the social network Threads: "Hi besties, here's a new app. It allows you to make short posts, then receive fake likes from random people in your contacts. Nothing ever leaves your device, it's just a pretend. Is it useful ? no, not as such. Is it fun ? a little ? Is it free ? Yes, it's free.

Detox from traditional social networks

The app is designed to help users detox from traditional social media, which can be a source of stress, anxiety, and even depression. By using Palmsy, you can focus on creating content for yourself, rather than worrying about what others think of your posts.

"It can be fun to see Likes coming in from people you haven't thought about in years. This can also be useful for deleting certain contacts that you may no longer need, Pat Nakajima wrote in the app's FAQ section, according to Techcrunch.

To avoid the stress linked to "Likes", Instagram had launched a feature allowing you to hide "likes" in order to preserve the mental health of users, obsessed with appearances on social networks.

Only available on iPhone and iPad, Palmsy is an application that offers an interesting alternative to traditional social networks. If you're looking to reduce your addiction to social media while still maintaining the excitement of posting content, Palmsy might just be your anti-addiction patch.

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