What is this naughty boutique that is set up in the middle of rue de la Loge in Montpellier ?

What is this naughty boutique that is set up in the middle of rue de la Loge in Montpellier ?

Les grands travaux à Montpellier pour Patrick Pruvot, créateur de la marque en 2006, et son équipe. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

On June 21, Passage du Désir will open at 24 rue de la Loge, in the former Yellow Korner photo gallery.

Don't say sex shop but "adult gift store". Patrick Pruvot defends his concept for the better: Passage of desire. "It’s a boutique for sustainable development for couples, he smiles. With the five keys to relationships: seduce, arouse, tell, surprise, play. The couple is thus more likely to last." What we find in his shop ? "Intimate cosmetics, boxes, sex toys. But only tasteful, no realistic stuff. In fact everything that can be offered in a couple."

For now, this former advertising executive who spent eight years at Publicis has opened 18 stores throughout France. Montpellier will have its own on June 21. "When I broke up, I found myself like an idiot, in Paris, above two sex shops. I had sympathized with them." And his idea to germinate : "a mixed concept, which interests both men as well as women, far from the image of the gloomy sex shop. It’s the same difference as eroticism and pornography. It’s different from giving a massage to watching a porn movie."

"Why go to the bottom of a dead end ?"

Patrick Pruvot speaks more of eroticism, intimacy, romanticism. The little extra of his idea? The place. No more trade that we hide, we look for "locations number 1", like underlines real estate agent Bertrand Pépin, of the Déjean-Pépin agency. Patrick Pruvot : "In Lyon, I opened at Part-Dieu between Zara and H & M. Why get to the bottom of an impasse ? The idea is to normalize the supply. Our clients, no one knows if they go out with a massage cream or something else. It’s a gift shop, we have 80 year olds coming in."

And the boss of the chain has released a study of a site intended for professionals on the busiest streets in France. With 300,000 people, the Champs-Élysées are in pole position. Followed by Boulevard Hausmann, Rue de la République in Lyon and Rue Sainte-Catherine in Bordeaux. "Rue de la Loge is 10th, with 129 000 passages per week& quot;, underlines Patrick Pruvot. Bertrand Pépin approves: "You have seen the length of rue Sainte-Catherine ? Rue de la Loge is just 300 m , that's why it took us three years to finalize this project."

An "immersive"surprise

The Yellow Korner photo gallery climbing rue Foch, Passage du Désir will therefore be installed from June 21 at 24 rue de la Loge. And his boss is already promising a surprise: "an immersive experience". But shush, it’s still a secret. In good taste of course.

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