When Ozer chooses, in Alès, to impress as many people as possible

When Ozer chooses, in Alès, to impress as many people as possible

Une fresque d’Ozer pour orner la façade d’Art’Attack. Midi Libre – Th. M.

The Art Attack space in Alès is promoting the graffiti artist Ozer until the end of the month.

L’espace Art’Attack, located 3, rue Veigalier, in Alès, is currently presenting a series of compositions by the graffiti artist and illustrator Ozer, to the great pleasure of all those who know and love his work. But that's not all because he created, especially for this exhibition, a fresco installed on the wall adjoining the artistic space.

In addition, for the works hung inside the space, he explains a few points related to his technique: « I first work on my drawing in graphite, then I scan it and color it with the help of digital technology. And I finally make a print on hahnemühle paper. »
Let us remember that Ozer is familiar with Alès, since he created a large 45 m2 fresco for IMT Mines which adorns a building on Avenue de Clavières, as well as a building on Avenue de Clavières. Another on panel for the Cratère hip-hop festival. « Alès is starting to know me. » It seems obvious.

Exhibition visible until June 29. Info on 06 23 29 87 56

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