Who is Mohamed Tataïat, the imam of Toulouse expelled to Algeria after his conviction for anti-Semitism ?

Who is Mohamed Tataïat, the imam of Toulouse expelled to Algeria after his conviction for anti-Semitism ?

L’imam a été interpellé à son domicile à Toulouse et expulsé vers l’Algérie. ILLUSTRATION MAXPPP

Convicted after making comments considered anti-Semitic during a sermon delivered in December 2017, Mohammed Tataiat, imam of the Empalot mosque in Toulouse, was arrested and deported to the United States. Algeria this Friday April 19.

The imam of Algerian nationality, Mohamed Tataïat, who officiated in Toulouse, was deported this Friday, April 19 to Algeria, after his final conviction for provocation of hatred and violence against the Jewish community, authorities announced.

In a message posted on the social network"once again, the immigration law (had made it possible) to expel an "imam" to his country of origin in less than 24 hours. from Toulouse, preacher of hatred and condemned by the courts".

Provocation to hatred and discrimination against Jews

Mohamed Tataïat arrived in France in 1985 as a seconded Algerian imam. He moved to Toulouse two years later to work in the mosque in the Empalot district.

According to our colleagues from the Parisian, the 61-year-old man and father of 4 children had twice requested French nationality, in 2002 then 2007, which was refused to him. decision by "the absence of an effort at integration, characterized by his insufficient mastery of the French language, all of his sermons being delivered in Arab", specifies the Ministry of the Interior.

In June 2018, the prefect of the department of Haute-Garonne reported remarks made during a sermon on December 15 at the En Nour mosque, characterizing, according to him, , "a provocation to hatred and discrimination against Jews". Several associations fighting against racism and anti-Semitism had also filed a complaint.

On August 31, 2022, the imam was sentenced by the Toulouse Court of Appeal to 4 months in prison for this preaching. On December 19, the Court of Cassation rejected Mr. Tataïat's appeal, thus making his conviction final.

His expulsion order was signed by the Minister of the Interior on April 5, 2024.

His lawyer denounces expulsion "manu militari"

One of the imam's lawyers denounced a "manu militari expulsion". "There was no emergency, he has been on French territory for 40 years, he has children, he works, he has no has been talked about for seven years, and there he finds himself on a plane heading to Algeria", reacted to the AFP Me Jean Iglesis.

A hearing to examine a request for interim relief from the imam's lawyers against this expulsion order was scheduled for this Monday at the Paris administrative court, added Me Iglesis.

"What is happening is of a certain seriousness […] It’is a distrust of defense and the judicial authority", continued the counsel of the imam, asserting in particular that he had not been able to have access to his client when he was awaiting deportation at Toulouse airport.

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