Why Hong Kong wants to completely ban electronic cigarettes ?

Why Hong Kong wants to completely ban electronic cigarettes ?

Trente-quatre pays dans le monde ont interdit la vente des cigarettes électroniques, avait indiqué l'an dernier l'Organisation mondiale de la Santé. HighGradeRoots/Getty Images

Les autorités hongkongaises ont annoncé ce jeudi 6 juin 2024 souhaiter interdire totalement les cigarettes électroniques cette année en raison de leurs conséquences sur la santé des jeunes habitants du territoire méridional chinois.

"We will completely ban all alternative products to smoking", said the local secretary in Health Lo Chung-mau during a press conference, using the government's expression to refer in particular to electronic cigarettes.

This announcement comes almost two years after the ban on the importation, manufacturing and sale of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products.

Hong Kong already prohibits the possession of electronic cigarettes "for commercial purposes". The measure formulated on Thursday should extend this ban to buyers, even if they wish to vape in the private sphere.


According to Hong Kong law, anyone importing electronic cigarettes faces up to seven years in prison and a fine of two million Hong Kong dollars (235,000 euros). Manufacturers and sellers risk up to six months in prison.

A total ban is the subject of a "consensus in society" and "it is time to ban all forms of possession of alternative products to smoking, including for personal use", Deputy Secretary of Health Eddie Lee said.

Local authorities also announced other measures against smoking on Thursday, such as banning smoking in queues on public roads.

The government has also proposed banning flavored tobacco, which is particularly popular among young people and women, according to the results of a study cited by the authorities.

Mr. Lo said he hoped that the ban on e-cigarettes would be presented to Hong Kong MPs within the year. Thirty-four countries around the world have banned the sale of electronic cigarettes, the World Health Organization said last year.

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