Why several job seekers will have to repay France Travail up to 100,000 euros in overpayments ?

Why several job seekers will have to repay France Travail up to 100,000 euros in overpayments ?

Des demandeurs d’emploi seniors ont touché un “trop-perçu” qu’ils devront rembourser. ILLUSTRATION MAXPPP – Samuel Coulon

Un rapport publié ce mercredi 24 avril par le médiateur national de France Travail révèle que des demandeurs d’emploi ont touché un "trop-perçu" qu’ils devront rembourser, en raison d’un mauvais calcul de la date de départ en retraite.

A dysfunction synonymous with bad news for some job seekers. In a report published this Wednesday April 24, the national mediator of France Travail, formerly known as Pôle Emploi, reveals that a technical bug will force many job seekers to reimburse sums received unduly.

By crossing its data with those of the Retirement and Occupational Health Insurance Fund – Carsat –, France Travail noticed "significant shifts" between the dates of interruption of unemployment benefit payment, ranging from "a few months up to several years& quot;.

"France Travail had notified the continuation of payment of the return to employment assistance allowance (ARE) to a job seeker up to 67&nbsp years (maximum age for a pension without reduction, Editor’s note). But Carsat's computer flows called it into question, stopping the full retirement date at age 65, triggering an overpayment of two years of compensation< /em>, explains the national mediator of France Travail, Jean-Louis Walter, in the columns of Capital.

Amounts from 50,000 to 100,000 euros

This dysfunction in the crossing of data from France Travail and Carsat led to overpayments ranging "from 5 000 to 100,000 euros, or even more, , report our colleagues from Capital. Thus generating "critical" for the job seekers concerned from whom France Travail is now claiming the sums received in error.

As Carsat does not provide for retroactivity in the payment of retirement pensions, the unemployed will not receive their benefits from the organization.

A warning note was sent to the general director of the operator for employment last August, but according to the mediator, the situation is still awaiting a settlement between the institutions concerned.

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