Why the project to renovate the pyramid of Mykerinos, in Egypt, is causing controversy ?

Why the project to renovate the pyramid of Mykerinos, in Egypt, is causing controversy ?

La question de la préservation du patrimoine en Egypte fait souvent l'objet de vifs débats. MAXPPP

The work, planned to last three years, aims to restore the pyramid of Mykerinos, on the Giza plateau, in Egypt, to its original appearance. This renovation plan provoked strong reactions from Internet users on social networks. 

For some, it's the "project of the century". For others, an “absurdity”. In any case, the announcement of the project to renovate the Mykerinos pyramid, the smallest on the Giza plateau, in Egypt, is causing debate. 

This project aims to restore a layer of granite, lost from its covering over time, in order to restore the pyramid to its original appearance. 

A renovation which should last three years, according to the head of the Egyptian Antiquities Department, Mostafa Waziri, and which aims to be "a gift from Egypt to the world of the 21st century" which "will allow us to see, for the first time, the pyramid of Mykerinos as it was built by the ancient Egyptians", reports Franceinfo

"When will the project to straighten the Tower of Pisa?"

In comments on a video, published this Friday, January 26, in which we see workers working to align granite blocks, Internet users react, horrified. < /p>

"All that was missing was to tile the pyramid of Mykerinos! When are we going to stop the absurdity in the management of Egyptian heritage ?", "rather than tiles , why not wallpaper on the pyramids", or even "When will the project to straighten the Tower of Pisa?", Internet users protest. 

The preservation of Egyptian heritage in question 

The question of heritage preservation in Egypt – country which counts on tourism for 10% of its GDP and where the pyramid of Cheops is located, the only one of the seven wonders of Antiquity still visible today – is often the subject of heated debate.

The recent destruction of entire sections of historic Cairo has strongly mobilized a civil society almost banned from political activities and which now concentrates the bulk of its fight against the regime on the ground of # 39;urban planning and heritage. 

Previously, the Abu al-Abbas al-Morsi mosque in Alexandria, dating from the 15th century, had also sparked debate after a contractor in charge of renovation work decided to repaint its ornate, sculpted and colorful ceilings white.

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