Will you have to file a real estate tax declaration by July 1st ?

Will you have to file a real estate tax declaration by July 1st ?

Cette déclaration est à effectuer avant le 1er juillet 2024. MAXPPP – Bruno Levesque

Like last year, owners must make their real estate declaration to the tax administration. But this measure will not concern everyone.

Created in 2023, the declaration of real estate is back for 2024. Last year, Bercy had to grant additional time to carry out this new approach. This year again, owners will have to declare their real estate to the tax administration, specifying in what capacity their premises are occupied (main or secondary residence), as well as the identity of the occupants, in the event that they do not would not reside in this accommodation themselves, recalls BFMTV.

For the tax authorities, this process, which must be carried out in parallel with the income tax declaration, makes it possible to identify the premises which remain subject to housing tax. on second homes and other furnished premises. This year, some owners will have to make this declaration again, but the number has decreased.

Until July 1st

This time, owners whose situation has not changed since last year will not have to make this new declaration. Only owners who have acquired a new property are concerned. When the properties are rented, the owners can, if they wish, indicate the rents received, according to the site impots.gouv.fr

This declaration must be made before July 1, under penalty of a fine of 150 euros per undeclared item. To facilitate the process, the General Directorate of Public Finances has published an explanatory video.

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