Winamax poker tour: two Gardois from the same village vying to win the title of champion of France

Winamax poker tour: two Gardois from the same village vying to win the title of champion of France

Davy-Jimmy, 40 years old, and Valentin, 23 years old, dream of winning the title of champion of France. Midi Libre – D.R.

Two residents of Saint-Geniès-de-Malgoirès have qualified for the final of the Winamax Poker Tour 2024. There will be four Gardois in total who will travel to the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles from March 11 to 17.

Valentin (26 years old) and Davy-Jimmy (40 years old) both live in Saint-Geniès-de-Malgoirès and will participate in the largest live poker circuit in France, the Winamax Poker Tour 2024. Both were selected during the qualifying stage at Parc Chanot, in Marseille, which brought together 1,413 players. These qualifying stages organized in 10 cities in France attracted more than 9,000 participants. There are 180 of them who have won their tickets for the Parisian grand final before the last chance stage in Paris on March 3.

The first is a volunteer firefighter and works at the Alès hospital, the second is a cook, but one goal brings them together: to become French Poker Champion. How did this passion for poker come to you??

Davy-Jimmy: During a trip to Marrakech in 2006, it was Roger Hairabedian (former judoka and poker player) who contributed to my passion for poker. But I've been playing cards since I was very young.
Valentin: Via friends. I've been playing competitively for 5 years, but I started playing poker 9 years ago.

What early memories do you have of each other?

D.-J. : Valentine and I are from the same village. I'm not going to say that I've known him since he was born, but it's been years. I know his father and I am very happy that Valentin is qualified.
V. : When I was a kid, he was older and I longed to be able to have the village festival like him.

Have you ever fought against each other ?

D.-J. : We have happened to come across the same table online, but never during a tournament. It was a coincidence to meet him in Marseille, we went there separately.
V. : It’was the first time in Marseille. We know each other, but we have never faced each other in a tournament. This may have happened during private games between colleagues.

Two players from Saint-Geniès-de-Malgoirès qualified out of the more than 9,000 participants in the live stages in France, what does that represent? ;?

D.-J. : This is a great result! I was quite surprised that another person from my village was qualified. I was born in Marseille before settling here, I plan to represent the village to the fullest.
V. : It’s a great source of pride, I’m a native of Saint-Geniès-de-Malgoirès. For the record, I didn't know Davy was qualified. We ended up there at the same table. It’s incredible, especially since there were 26 qualifiers and we are both among them. Out of the 1500 players at the start, being two from the same village is an immense source of pride.

What do you wish each other for this tournament?

D.-J. :I hope we go to the final together! He’s a player who has great abilities, I see him performing. I motivated him in Marseille, he has to take his time, and above all not get carried away.
V. : Wins, especially since Davy has the ability to win the tournament. He has a lot of experience and great confidence in himself.

What are your objectives in Paris ?

D.-J. : I'd like to get a result in the tournament, so I'm going to play my best poker. Why not also perform in the tournaments parallel to the main tournament.
V. :I had already done this tournament two years ago, by registering without going through the qualifying stages. It was my first big tournament, but looking back, I think I lacked preparation. I had prepared for this tournament as if I was going to La Grande-Motte (laughs). My main goal is to qualify for the second day of competition. I worked a lot on my game and I come more armed.

Four Gardois for the title of French champion

For a week, more than 2,000 players will meet in the capital. During the grand final from March 11 to 17, Winamax guarantees at least 1 million euros at stake. At the end of this week of competition, the winner will be crowned. French poker champion and will be awarded nearly 150,000 €. Gard will be represented by four players, since Cédric (Vauvert) and Rémy (Saint-Paul-les-Fonts) also qualified during the stage ; Marseille.

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