With confidence, the Gignacoises double the stakes against Castres/Massaguel

With confidence, the Gignacoises double the stakes against Castres/Massaguel

Après la perte du 2e set, le VBG en confiance a vite réagi pour remporter les deux suivants. Midi Libre – A.M.

Nationale 2/13e Journée/Le VBG gagne 3-1 à domicile et quitte la dernière place de son groupe.

And two! A week after finally unlocking their counter against Union, the Gignacoises did it again, still at home and with a score of 3 sets to 1. This Sunday, March 3, they dominated against Castres/Massaguel (25 -22, 1 -25,-23, 25-21) and abandon the red lantern for the first time this season to the other Héraultais club of La Poule, Lattes.

Chain outside

"We approached this match with more confidence and a desire for revenge compared to the first leg. And it happened, I'm proud of all my teammates, declares captain and libero Orlane Vidaller. There was a slackening in the second set, but we quickly recovered in the 3rd, which was very important, before continuing so as not to get caught up in a tie-break."

After a serious start, the locals were in a slump. They reacted and took the lead in the 3rd set and led 22-18 before conceding 4 points then finding the resources to get the set 25-23 and swing the match in their favor . A match seriously concluded 25-21 in the next.

"The first victory freed us. We are not setting limits today, we want to take all possible points until the end." adds the captain. "It’was a nice match, serious and the team showed its true face, the one I see in training every week, confirms coach Thomas Blottiau. We wanted to improve on our first victory against the 5th, move on and have fun without anything being forbidden from now on."

The team hopes to make it three on March 17 in Hyères, and take revenge on an opponent who came to win in the Fermaud hall 3-2 in the first leg.< /p>

VBG : Garcia, Barral, Burckel, Trillon, Ben Haddou, Hernandez, Vidaller (libero), Alonzo, Guevara, Galtier.

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