Woman wins $1 million lottery jackpot twice in 10 weeks

Woman wins $1 million lottery jackpot twice in 10 weeks

Ce n’est pas la première fois qu’elle gagne aux jeux à gratter. Pixabay – pasja1000

Une femme américaine du Massachusetts remporte deux fois un prix à gratter d’un million de dollars à la loterie, à moins de dix semaines d’intervalle.

An American woman from Massachusetts won $1 million twice after playing scratch games in just ten weeks, according to USA Today. Christine Wilson was first declared a winner of $1 million on February 23, 2024 with the National Lottery, after playing the "Lifetime Millions".

She wins twice in a few weeks

She went once again to the organization's headquarters to claim another win of $1 million, after playing & ;quot;100X cash". "When she won her first $1 million prize, Christine Wilson said she planned to use some of her winnings to buy an SUV, which she did. This time, she said she planned to save her winnings", the lottery said. With her winnings, the winner decided to ;rsquo;buy a new vehicle and put some money aside.

The two businesses where the lucky winner purchased her winning tickets both received a bonus of 10,000 dollars from the national lottery.< /p>

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