Works: the RD 117 between Sauve and Durfort cut until the end of September

Works: the RD 117 between Sauve and Durfort cut until the end of September

Le chantier entre Sauve et Durfort démarre ce lundi 10 juin. Archive Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

Les travaux sur la route départementale 117 entre Sauve et Durfort commenceront ce lundi 10 juin avant de s’achever le 27 septembre prochain.

This is a vast operation to level and secure the departmental road 117 between Sauve and Durfort which begins this Monday, June 10. The work, at the initiative of the roads department of the departmental council, will continue until September 27.

A cost of 900 000 €

The cost of this major project, which will be financed entirely by the Department, amounts to nearly 900,000 euros. Thanks to these upcoming works, the roadway will be widened, notably taking into account cyclists, while the wearing course will be replaced by a combined surface covering.
If local residents will be able to pass through, periods of total closure of the road must be planned. A diversion will be put in place by the RD982: this will be the case between June 10 and July 5, with however a reopening in the evening and on weekends. Then again from July 29 to August 2. The road will be completely closed from August 2 to September 13. Then, the last week from September 23 to 27, new reopenings are expected in the evenings and weekends.

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