Workshops so residents can live like everyone else

Workshops so residents can live like everyone else

L’atelier de danse africaine fait partie des activités proposées.

Le foyer Séverine pour adultes handicapés propose divers ateliers à ses résidents.

Certains soirs printaniers, de la musique joyeuse et entraînante retentit dans la rue Argence, proche de La Poste. Il s’agit de l’atelier de danse africaine animé par Badouma au sein du foyer d’hébergement Séverine.

The establishment welcomes adults with intellectual and/or psychological disabilities, with or without associated disorders, aged 20 to 60. These are people who have sufficient autonomy to carry out the common acts of daily life.

Costumes made in Togo

Lors This workshop, residents dance in colorful costumes made to measure in Togo.

The activity is part of a project that the establishment offers to residents. Karone is diligent there. She works in the packaging workshop of a work assistance establishment (Esat). Being very, very meticulous, she is often entrusted with delicate tasks, such as shipping photovoltaic equipment.

She lives in one of the 50 studios rented to disabled people, sufficiently independent, "with a balcony, a bedroom with a double bed and a large living room, a kitchen area.& quot;

The association's desire is for residents to live fully adult lives, informed and responsible. Other workshops offered include creative awakening, health and sexuality. The newspaper workshop is symbolic of the richness of collective life. But also the appreciation of everyone, whether staff, partners or residents. All with the sharing of legal, ecological or culinary knowledge.

The Séverine residence is one of the twelve establishments and services managed by the APEAI Ouest Hérault. Founded in Béziers 50 years ago, the Hérault structure considers as essential the role of the family, the basis of reception, support and integration of people with mental disabilities, with or without disorders. associates.

It is an essentially family activist movement, on the move and carrying ideas, open to the involvement and contribution of friends of disabled people who are interested in its action.

Apeai Ouest Hérault expresses united and inclusive values, where the key words are: &quot ;respect, dignity, citizenship and well-treatment.

Correspondent Midi Libre: 06 24 88 45 26.

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