XV of France: Fabien Galthié “absolutely not in danger”, president Florian Grill in support of his coach

XV of France: Fabien Galthié “absolutely not in danger”, president Florian Grill in support of his coach

“Une relation de confiance est nouée” avec Fabien Galthié, assure Florian Grill. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

Under fire from criticism after a more than gloomy start to the 6 Nations Tournament, the coach of the French XV received the support of the president of the FFR, Florian Grill, this Monday, February 26.

The coach of the XV of France Fabien Galthié is "absolutely not in danger", assured the president of the French Rugby Federation Florian Grill at the&#39 ;AFP Monday, the day after the historic draw against Italy (13-13).

"I'm a manager, I'm not the type to swerve depending on the pressure (…) Fabien Galthié is absolutely not in danger," declared Grill in a interview given to AFP. "These are not decisions that are made during a match. We had six months, with Jean-Marc (Lhermet, the vice-president of the FFR, Editor's note), to establish a relationship and understand it, to see that we worked very well together. There is a relationship of trust that is established,” he continued.

"Carefully considered"

"We thought carefully, it's not a decision we make on a match, on a point and not on a transition of matches a not very complicated,” added the manager.

A few months after their premature elimination in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, against South Africa (29-28), the Blues launched the 6 Nations Tournament with a rout in front of the   #39;Ireland (38-17). They then snatched a happy victory in Scotland (20-16) before a draw as laborious as it was lucky against Italy (13-13), the opener Paolo Garbisi missing the victory penalty at the last minute. The France team faces Wales in Cardiff on March 10, for the 4th day.

The date of the election for the presidency of the FFR set

L'éelection à The presidency of the French Rugby Federation will take place on October 19, indicated Monday à AFP the current president of the FFR Florian Grill. "Ça wasé voted Sunday morning in committee director. On November 2, the elections of the regional Leagues and on December 14, the elections of the departmental committees, explained" oacute; Mr. Grill. Florian Grill was é Elected president of the FFR last June and succeeded him. to the treasurer Alexandre Martinez, interim president after the resignation of Bernard Laporte. 

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