You kept your old iPhone ? Don't throw it away, you could sell it for a fortune

You kept your old iPhone ? Don't throw it away, you could sell it for a fortune

Le premier iPhone est sorti en 2007. UNSPLASH

Dix-sept ans après sa sortie, le tout premier smartphone d'Apple se revend à prix d'or. La maison de vente aux enchères LCG qui propose un des premiers modèles d'iPhone estime qu'il pourrait être vendu au moins 100 000 dollars. 

Apple regularly releases a new iPhone, always more efficient – and more expensive – than the previous one. The iPhone 15 Pro, the latest generation of the Apple brand's flagship product, released in September 2023, is priced at a high price of 1,229 euros, more expensive than ;a MacBook Air laptop. 

200 times more expensive than when it was released

But this is nothing compared to the price at which the first iPhone model, released in 2007 and marketed for a very short period, could sell today two months. Offered at auction by the auction house LCG Auctions, the original iPhone – new and in its original packaging – could fetch around 100,000 dollars, or more than 91,000 euros, report our colleagues from Ouest France

When it was released seventeen years ago, the device cost 499 dollars, or a little more than 450 euros. Its value was thus multiplied by 200. Its data storage capacity of 4GB, considered insufficient, quickly led to it being removed from the shelves to be replaced by a model with double the memory. nbsp;

It's not the  first time that this type of device has aroused enormous enthusiasm and sold at a high price; previously, an iPhone 2G was sold for a whopping $190,000, or 173,000 euros. A 38,000% increase in starting price. 

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