“Your CV is approved”: what is this new scam sent by SMS that is developing in France ?

A new scam model is starting to develop in France: CV scam. Messages are sent to some users' phones offering them the opportunity to work from home for a daily wage.

"Hello, your resume has been approved by our company, part-time online job…", "Your work experience and your CV have been recommended by several recruitment agencies…", we can read on the phones of some users in recent weeks. These messages are not job offers. This is in fact a scam that is starting to develop in France.

Daily tasks for money

In fact, when you click on the links in these messages, it offers you the opportunity to work from home for a daily salary that can range from 100 to 1,000 euros. These SMS messages always follow the same model: you are first asked to carry out a task such as submitting a review, an online recommendation, or a product rating. But to get the salary, it asks you to deposit money online, reportsThe Parisian.

If you do this, not only will you not be paid, but you will not see the money deposited again. To avoid being scammed, Jean-Jacques Latour, cybersecurity expert, recommends paying attention to the unsolicited job offer: "A job that falls from the sky, where the ;you can stay at home and earn a lot of money, there must be a wolf because otherwise everyone would do that, it's too good to be true."

The way the scam is put together makes him think that we are in the presence of an organized gang scam.

"The money that is lost is irrecoverable"

"The money that is lost is irrecoverable, there is never any solution but you have to file a complaint to hope to find the perpetrators. Often, victims do not do so, but without a complaint, there will be no investigation and other people will also be fooled", continues& ;nbsp;the’expert.

According to him, this is a variant "different from what we saw until now because , this time, we actually make the victims carry out a task."

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