20 tickets to win for the Paris Olympics: while waiting for the flame, Millau launches its “citizens’ Olympics”

20 tickets to win for the Paris Olympics: while waiting for the flame, Millau launches its “citizens’ Olympics”

Jusqu’à dimanche, le Som Basket prendra possession de la Place des Consuls pour un tournoi 3×3. . Laura Vaillant

Tournaments and sports initiations… Before the passage of the Olympic flame, City launches its "Citizens Olympic Games".

There's going to be sport! This could be the slogan chosen by the City of Millau which yesterday kicked off the operation of the Citizens' Olympic Games. who will make the hearts of the Millavois beat between now and the passage of the Olympic flame, Monday May 13.

Since Wednesday and until Sunday evening with a climb of the Pouncho which should hold a nice surprise (departure at 6:30 p.m.), the city's various cultural and sporting associations will offer a multitude of activities. ;rsquo;entertainment on Place des Consuls (basketball) or Emma Calvé (football and handball), at La Maladrerie (rugby) or at the Golf Café (volleyball) to name just a few.< /p>

On the program are free initiations and tournaments open to all, the winners of which will have the chance – this is the announcement of the day – to receive a ticket for the Paris Olympics. Twenty being put into play for the occasion.

On the initiation side, there will also be something for everyone with the Ancient Games on Saturday organized at Graufesenque. Then on Sunday, an introduction to kayaking on the whitewater stadium, or a discovery of Béhourd and ancient fencing in the ancient weapons room (SAEA), still at the Maladrerie.

"We can only appreciate the enthusiasm around this event which means that we will also have a great party in Millau, < /em>was delighted by the City’s Sports Deputy, Jean-Pierre Mas. When we see the emotion aroused in Marseille around the flame, I am already moved to know that it will happen here.

The Pouncho surprise!

The appointment is made. Sunday May 12, à 18:30 h at the foot of the Pouncho, for an ascent that the Millavois know well. This one – passage of the flame requires – will be different from the others, comments Gauthier Escalaïs for the City. Once at the top, on the take-off area, and as everyone will be equipped with with a headlamp or a lamp, we will try a slightly special illumination for a symbolic photo." Amateurs are therefore prepared ;Venus. À foot or &agrav; bike – the less keen can reach the take-off area by hiking from the Cade car park – everyone is invited à come &eac;equippedé to illuminate the passage of the flame with a thousand lights.

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