250 players at La Grande-Motte for the Montpellier Poker tournament

250 players at La Grande-Motte for the Montpellier Poker tournament

La grande salle du Pasino de La Grande-Motte affichait complet pour l'événement. DR – DR

Le président du club montpelliérain, Pierrick Letalleur, a gagné après deux journées de tournoi acharné. De nombreux clubs étaient représentés.

The main event (major tournament) of Montpellier Poker took place on Saturday, May 4 and Sunday, May 5 at the Pasino de la Grande-Motte. 250 players participated, for a total of 295 entries. Another tournament was organized on Sunday alone.

For two days, the organization was ensured by Perrine, secretary of the Montpellier club. Many clubs from the region were represented this weekend, such as Brignon, Béziers (two clubs), Orange and Avignon.

The bubble (the last elimination before all remaining players are paid) burst just before the end of that day, around 1 a.m. So much so that the 45 qualified people who returned on Sunday, around 11:30 a.m., were sure of being paid.

"I had the second stack after a fairly quiet first day, says Pierrick Letalleur, president of the club. But Sunday was a roller coaster. I first hit the flush on the river (last card revealed) facing a pair of aces, before seeing my carpet melt. When there were only around ten players left, there was only one blind left (mandatory bet before the distribution of cards)< em>. But the cards saved me several times and I got back on track."

It was finally with a pair of aces that the president won against Romain Dullieux, another member of the board of directors of Montpellier Poker, who had the largest stack at the start of the final table.

Marrakech Objective

Pierrick Letalleur won a Winamax WIPT pack and 900 € expenses, which will allow him to compete in the Sismix in Marrakech at the end of the month.

He hopes to do as well as two years ago, when his victory in the Montpellier poker Main Event allowed him to compete in the Winamax Poker Open in Madrid. He had achieved an enormous performance there (9th out of 2  182). That’s a gain of 15,000 euros!

Finalist at La Grande-Motte, Romain Dullieux pocketed a Florida series stay on the Costa Brava and 620 € of charges. The third place winner won a Winamax Poker Tour seat and 500 € fees.

And if the players were in the minority in number, Eva Thiébaut, president of the Béziers Poker club, stood out by reaching the final table of the Main Event.

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