500 people gathered in Montpellier “against transphobia”

500 people gathered in Montpellier “against transphobia”

Une foule jeune et nombreuse ce dimanche dans le coeur de Montpellier. ML – GR

Succès pour cette journée nationale de mobilisation, ce dimanche 5 mai, avec un sit-in sur la place de la Comédie

Face aux "attacks suffered by trans people", many groups and personalities had called for demonstrations throughout France this Sunday, May 5. On the Comédie, there were 500 mobilized, mostly young people.

"Young people do not want to be dictated to their gender, nor by a patriarchal system, underlines Elsa Martin, member “Bread and Roses”. It's very positive to have all united and to show that we are ready to fight for our rights and against a reactionary offensive.

"Go in groups"

They are protesting against a report on the transidentification of minors drawn up by the LR group in the Senate, which according to them could mark the return of conversion therapies. The publication of the book Transmania, accused of attacking transgender people, was also denounced.

"Leave in groups, because the security conditions are no longer met from now on", launched the organizers at the end of the sit-in. A sad insight into the reality faced by homosexuals and transgender people. A couple of young girls were attacked after an LGBT demonstration, on the night of April 26 to 27, in the heart of Montpellier.

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