A castle candidate for a competition, connected offshore wind power, the lottery heist trial: the essential news in the region

A castle candidate for a competition, connected offshore wind power, the lottery heist trial: the essential news in the region

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Offshore wind farm: the cable to carry electricity installed

#MEDITERRANEAN. While energy companies are counting more than ever on the State to support experimental wind farms in sea, the two Occitanie projects planned for 2025 are moving forward. Thus, the site of the connection of the floating wind turbine park of the Gulf of Lion (EFGL), has just installed the underwater electrical cable which will allow the electricity to be transported to land (photo) I.Hanning/RTE).

Furthermore, the State and RTE, with Add’Occ, are organizing two half-days (2 p.m.-5 p.m.) on May 13 and 17 (2 p.m.-5 p.m.) of large-scale information public on the subject with a visit to the dedicated terminal in Port-la-Nouvelle. Online registration required by clicking here.

Laurens, your favorite castle?

#AGDE. Château Laurens is in the running to become the French people's favorite monument. Open to the public for a year, this symbol of Art Nouveau and Agathois heritage competes in Occitania with the Padirac chasm.

It is the votes of Internet users that will decide between them. The show is broadcast on France 3. This year, a regional vote will determine the monument that will represent each region and will compete for the title of “Favorite Monument of the French 2024". It is already possible to vote on the France Télévision website.

Stray dogs: the broken order

#AVEYRON. Seized by the association Société Nationale pour la Défense des Animaux (SNDA) and the association Stéphane Lamart "For the defense of animal rights", the court administrative department of Toulouse has just revoked the order taken by the prefecture of Aveyron. It authorized the killing of "stray, wandering or malicious dogs" in five municipalities in South Aveyron.

The prefecture explained that it had taken this measure "in order to protect the herds of the breeders concerned or threatened." The court found the order "insufficiently reasoned".The State must also pay the SNDA association and the Stéphane Lamart association a sum of 800 euros, each.

The lottery heist will be judged in July

#ALES. On July 31, 2021, some 200 people participate in the Monsois Olympic lottery, Végas room. Around 11 p.m., three hooded and armed individuals stormed out. They shoot into the air, cause panic and try to get the cash back. In vain. They then fled in a car, behind the wheel of which an accomplice was waiting for them. Arrests will then take place, notably in November 2022, in the Cévennes district.

Monday May 6, a relay hearing made it possible to rule on the fate of two defendants, two brothers aged 22 and 23. This, while four people would have participated in the robbery. At the end of 2022, five individuals were arrested. One was quickly released and two others have since benefited from a dismissal order. As for the two defendants, they are in pre-trial detention. All their requests for release have all been rejected… The trial will take place on July 5.

The number of the day: 65

#MONTPELLIER. This is the number of tonnes of CO2 that will be saved during the International Extreme Sports Festival (Fise) thanks to the new system developed by Enedis to supply the site with electricity.

No more hyper-gluttonous diesel generators, the company now offers an "event terminal" which allows you to connect directly to the network. This system was also used, among others, during the Escale à Sète weekend.

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