A cleaning lady sexually assaulted in Nîmes: is the suspect the culprit ?

A cleaning lady sexually assaulted in Nîmes: is the suspect the culprit ?

Le prévenu a été placé sous contrôle judiciaire et sera jugé en septembre prochain. Midi Libre – ARCHIVE MiKAEL ANISSET

Le 8 mars 2024, une femme de ménage a été victime d’une agression sexuelle, dans le sous-sol d’un immeuble, à Nîmes. Un suspect a été interpellé.

This March 8, 2024, in Nîmes, in the morning, Laurence (the first name has been changed), a cleaning lady, is the victim of a violent sexual assault, in the basement of her house. a building in downtown Nîmes. A man throws himself on her, pushes her against a wall then lies on top of her and orders her to “shut up”. Laurence begs him to stop. There is then a noise in the garage and the attacker flees. Laurence is injured and alerts the police. She describes her attacker: a rather tall man (1.80 m), a bump on his nose, brushed hair, wearing cargo-style pants. quot;. An investigation is opened, samples are taken by the scientific police and sent to an external service for analysis.

On April 4, Laurence alerted the police. She recognized her attacker. The suspect is sitting on a bench. Joseph (the first name has also been changed) is arrested by the police and denies the facts with which he is accused. Or rather, this man doesn't remember anything. He is placed in pre-trial detention.

" It’s nothingness. I have no memories…hellip; At that time, I was drunk. If this happened, I regret ", confides Joseph, who appeared this Friday, May 10, before the criminal court and is defended by Me Stéphane Aubert. Joseph had a difficult childhood. Abandoned, placed, beaten child… , this alcoholic man was diagnosed with bipolar disorder three years ago. This Charentais lived for a long time in homes and on the streets in Toulouse. The fifty-year-old was placed under reinforced guardianship and now lives in an apartment in Gard. The social services that follow him have never had any problems with him. Joseph has already been convicted of drunk driving, endangering others or violent theft. But never for acts of a sexual nature.

A bump on the nose

The victim, very affected, did not wish to appear in court and is represented by Me Jérôme Arnal. " She's angry, scared… And she is formal. The composite portrait which was created according to his description is quite similar. She talks about this bump on her nose, about her clothing which corresponds, notes Mr. Jérôme Arnal. And she recognized it on the photographic plate.&amp ;quot;

The victim also described an attacker who was approximately 1.80 m tall. The defendant is much smaller, notes Mr. Stéphane Aubert.

Analyses on the samples still not returned

The examination of the samples taken from the victim would, perhaps, have made it possible to confuse the accused but also to exonerate him. But the results of these technical analyzes are still not "returned", notes the court.

Room for doubt

"I have a serious doubt, insists Me Stéphane Aubert. He has no certainty and tells you so. This woman is formal. Is this enough? No. There is room for doubt." The prosecutor requested 8 months in prison with a probationary suspension.

The court finally ordered a letter rogatory and requested that the seals (the results of the analyzes concerning the biological samples) be transmitted to it. Joseph walked out of court free and was placed under judicial supervision. He will be judged on September 17, 2024.

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