“A deluge of abuse”: 12 months required against Noël Azzopardi, the manager of the Christmas arch in Béziers

“A deluge of abuse”: 12 months required against Noël Azzopardi, the manager of the Christmas arch in Béziers

À l’issue de l’audience, Noël Azzopardi (en bleu) et son avocat ont refusé de s’adresser aux médias. J.-P A. – Midi Libre

Noël Azzopardi, the head of the association l’Arche de Noël had to defend himself, this Monday, May 27, before the Béziers court for acts of abandonment of animals and abuse. The public prosecutor requested a suspended prison sentence and a permanent ban on keeping animals. The defense pleaded for acquittal.

This Monday, Noël Azzopardi appeared before the courts in Béziers. He was prosecuted for acts of abandonment of animals, mistreatment but also undeclared breeding and hidden work.

Mother Theresa of the animals

In front of the judges he presented himself in his best light. Arrogant, cutting people off at every turn, having an answer for everything. Ultimately unbearable arrogance. To justify himself, regarding the reproaches made to him he said: "Excuse me, I speak loudly and I say things. It’s because I’m deaf. I am accused of things that are not true and the scandal media took the opportunity to smear me. They're motherfuckers. It has been said of me that I am the Mother Theresa of animals." There you have it, magistrates and the public were treated to this flowery language for a good two hours. Enough to be torn between amazement and assumed casualness. A form of all power because he had never been caught by justice until then.

A shipwreck and a deluge of abuse

The civil parties recalled all the animal suffering suffered by the very numerous animals passing through this refuge synonymous with shipwreck and "deluge of mistreatment". The seven lawyers described the daily lives of dogs who represented nothing but money. Noël Azzopardi admitted it himself "Even sick, I sold the dogs. This made money for the association. It didn't bother me. When breeders got rid of their dogs, they had to be placed (Sell them, Editor's note) quickly. Because I had fees."

12 months suspended sentence required

The representative of the public prosecutor requested a 12-month suspended prison sentence. "A definitive ban on keeping animals with the exception of her two dogs and of a few birds, but also a definitive ban on managing an animal refuge."

The defense lawyer pleaded for his client's release. "He's a good man. Defended by many witnesses. He deserves to be released because he is a bit like the Abbé Pierre of the animal cause." Deliberated on June 17.

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