“A feeling of waste”: after the missed MHSC girls’ season, President Laurent Nicollin announces a turn of the screw

“A feeling of waste”: after the missed MHSC girls’ season, President Laurent Nicollin announces a turn of the screw

L’internationale française Maëlle Lakrar devrait faire partie de la vague de départs du MHSC. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Le MHSC 6e de D1 à une journée de la fin, loin de l’Europe, le président du club héraultais décrète la fin d’un cycle avec diminution du budget, de nombreux départs et une reconstruction depuis la base.

Laurent Nicollin says stop. More than disappointed by the season of his team, which will challenge Fleury in a week for a 6th place in D1 Arkema, the president announces "a drastic reduction in the budget next year& ;quot;.

Playing in Europe was the objective, "as it has been for several years but unfortunately, we are far from it. We are a historic club and that boosts me, I am a competitor, I want my girls to be in the top 3. When only one club was European, we were always second then when it changed to two qualifying places, we were third. And now that there are three tickets… Goodbye calf, cow and pig."

"We'll play mid-table and we'll see"

Upset Laurent Nicolin by this failed season ? "The word is weak."& nbsp;"There is a huge disappointment and a feeling of waste because I think the team had the quality for it. I have had a budget that has been quite high for three or four years… to finish 4th, 5th or 6th! I'm nice, friendly, I'm an adorable guy but at some point it's okay, the president breathes. We will focus on structuring the training center, with the work of Jean-Louis Saez, already quite enormous. Let's structure, let's get the best young people possible and then it's up to them to join the first team and we'll see a Marion Torrent, a Karchaoui, a Toletti emerge. We are not going to dream of Europe but of training players who will go all the way to the French team."

"It requires a lot of work but by putting back healthy foundations and not farting higher than what we do, continues Laurent Nicollin. I was wrong because I thought I had the coach and players “capable”, but apparently not. So we'll play mid-table and we'll see."

Lean times

This sounds like "the end of a cycle", with the same staff but many departures from players to be expected. Those at the end of their contract or with release clauses in the event of non-European qualification, like Maëlle Lakrar.

"I no longer want to invest wastefully in players who arrive from I don't know where. We are going to leave with players trained at the club, with strong young potential and with another state of mind because we have to change it, I don't like it either…", adds Laurent Nicollin, who came to see the girls once or twice this season, "because they irritated me so much that I'm not not come anymore. But I know things and some I don't like. It’s not the women’s section that we created. It’s a huge disappointment because there’s affect, and I’m very much affected."

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