A first cycling festival this Sunday around the CinéMistral in Frontignan

A first cycling festival this Sunday around the CinéMistral in Frontignan

Outre des ateliers de réparation, La roue libre de Thau proposera aussi balade, documentaire et foire. Midi Libre – PHILIPPE MALRIC

Le cinéma de Frontignan est l’épicentre, ce dimanche 5 mai, de la première fête du vélo organisée dans la cité muscatière.

This is a first. Which, like all firsts, is destined to be renewed every year. This Sunday, May 5, the CinéMistral in Frontignan will be the epicenter of the first bicycle festival in the Muscatière city.

On the occasion of the May à vélo national event

"We've wanted to do something around cycling for a long time with Priscilla Schneider, the director of the cinema", says Daniel Rigaud, one of the members of the office of La Roue Libre de Thau, the association which promotes the practice of two-wheelers in the region. Finally, the occasion of the national event May by bike, part of this theme, made the thieves.

Walk, aperitif and picnic

So the meeting is set for this Sunday, May 5 at 10 a.m. in front of the Frontignan cinema. At 10:30 a.m. the first pedal stroke of the family ride will be given. "We will go, via the cycle path, to the La Peyrade site where we give our cycling lessons,< /em> explains this manager, then we will return to the CinéMistral". It will then be noon, the time of rsquo;aperitif (offered by the association) and a picnic (meal from the bag). Once these libations are completed, participants will be able to attend, at 2 p.m., the broadcast of the documentary The wheels of the future.< /p>

Broadcast of a documentary

According to the official website of the directors of this documentary, it "addresses the current place of the bicycle in our society and questions the different ways of making one major player in the environmental and societal transition. We study the economic, sociological and health aspects of daily bicycle use and promote a cycling society for all." The broadcast should last a good hour.

Workshops and bicycle exchange

But this bike festival won't stop there. Indeed, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the CinéMistral park will host bicycle repair workshops, but also handling courses, as well as a bicycle stand. rsquo;information on future walks offered by La Roue Libre de Thau. Finally, a bicycle exchange will also be offered where everyone can sell and/or buy a cycle.

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