A giant flag of Palestine hoisted atop the Hermitage of Alès

A giant flag of Palestine hoisted atop the Hermitage of Alès

Le drapeau a été accroché au pied du sanctuaire. Midi Libre – Paul Barraud

Le drapeau a été accroché par les manifestants qui défilent, chaque samedi depuis octobre, pour un "cessez-le-feu immédiat" au Proche-Orient.

It was hung for the image, and to hope that it would be seen in the distance, from the city center of Alès.

This Saturday, April 6, the demonstrators mobilized since October for "an immediate ceasefire" in the Middle East, hung a large format flag of Palestine at the top of the Hermitage, directly at the foot of the statue of the Virgin which overlooks the chapel of Notre-Dame Dame-des-Mines and the neighboring belvedere.

Six months of conflict

The initiative, initially planned for the Easter weekend, but postponed for a week due to bad weather, also aims to mark the six months of the conflict which mainly affects the Gaza Strip, since the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel on October 7, 2023.

A giant flag of Palestine hoisted atop the Hermitage of Alès

Around fifty demonstrators went up to the Hermitage to show their support. Midi Libre – Paul Barraud

Without directly mentioning this attack, or the hostage-taking by Hamas, the France Palestine Solidarité association, at work for these weekly demonstrations in Alès, and supported by left-wing political parties including LFI and the PCF, wants once again to raise awareness about the "massacre of the population of Gaza", civilians and children, committed by Israel "with the complicity of the United States, France and Europe which take no sanctions", despite the UN Security Council resolution of March 25 which demands a ceasefire.

The association demands, once again, "the lifting of the blockade of Gaza" to allow the& rsquo;sending humanitarian aid to the band.

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