A hundredth lap of the track for the great Barjac antiques fair

A hundredth lap of the track for the great Barjac antiques fair

La foire attire, chaque année, des milliers de curieux. Midi Libre – ALEXIS BETHUNE

La 100e édition de la foire aux antiquités et à la brocante, dont la réputation dépasse le Gard et même les frontières françaises, débute ce jeudi pour cinq jours englobant le week-end de Pâques.

A round number. And more than symbolic. This Easter weekend marks, in Barjac, the 100th edition of the antiques and flea market. For five days, from this Thursday, March 28 to Monday, April 1, the Easter fair attracts some 400 exhibitors and professionals from all over France and several foreign countries, attracting several thousand curious people over the period.

A party to say thank you

Since 1968, the Economic and Tourist Expansion Committee of the commune of Barjac has organized this great ball of riches and rarities twice a year, at Easter and around August 15. For this 100th lap of dance, the association intends to mark the occasion, without unnecessary embellishments. In addition to a specific poster, "we bought bottles of wine with a special label to mark this 100th anniversary for all second-hand dealers", indicates Michel Raoux, current vice-president of the committee, of which he has been a member since almost thirty years old. Second-hand dealers, but also all Barjacois, are also invited to a festive aperitif prepared by the committee, Saturday evening in the village hall of the castle. "It’is a way of thanking the residents, they have supported us for quite a few years!"

The hope of good deals

For the rest, the fair reiterates a promise already known to regulars: that of unearthing some rare objects. Compared to its sister in August, the Easter fair, one of the most important in France at the start of the good seasons, is particularly popular with professional buyers. "I hope it will be good, adds Michel Raoux. Because the market is very complicated." According to the latter, the flea market has been slow since December: "No one is buying anymore, second-hand dealers are hoping that Easter will be a good start again. The hangars are full!" Factors that could lead to the appearance of good deals.

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