To best maintain your heart and health in Alès

To best maintain your heart and health in Alès

Un stand pour contrôler son cœur et sa tension sur la place de l'hôtel de ville. Midi Libre – Th. M.

Throughout the day of this Saturday, March 16, the Heart and Health club of Alès offered conferences and workshops to be in the best possible shape.

In the municipal hall of the Capitole d'Alès, just as on the town hall square, there were many people who came to participate in the workshops or follow the conferences of the Heart and Health club, with the participation of Florent Broussous, cardiologist at the Alès hospital, and Michel Delenne who gave instructions and examples to learn how to manage your diabetes on a daily basis.

As for the assessment of cardiac risks, the actions took place on the town hall square where liberal nurses and students from the ;rsquo;IFSI offered diabetes detection, while reminding passers-by of the risk factors for the heart, linked to tobacco, alcohol, excess weight… hellip; For his part, the president of the club, Bernard Villaret, was particularly satisfied with the large participation of Alésiens in this day which, from 2 p.m., would see the start of a health walk at the level ;nbsp;from the Capitol room.

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