“A magical moment”: the flame bearers pleasantly surprised by the Millau atmosphere

“A magical moment”: the flame bearers pleasantly surprised by the Millau atmosphere

Neuf relayeurs locaux de la flamme à Millau : toutes et tous irradiants de bonheur. Midi Libre – F.M

Throughout the few kilometers of the route, the 17 bearers were generally surprised by the enthusiasm generated by the passage of the Flame in Millau.

"Grandiose", "magical", "extraordinary". Au At the end of the 2.5 km journey of the Olympic flame in Millau, the superlatives were not strong enough to express the feelings of the 17 scouts from the city of the glove.

"We could really feel all the excitement of a city and an entire country ultimately around this event which attracted a crowd incredible in Millau, summarizes Pauline Delavergnes. The platforms were full, the Mandarous was madness…"

For this sports lover and representative of the Junior Economic Chamber (JCE), this very successful morning launched the Olympic Games in the best possible way and "puts a nice spotlight on the city and the department in general." "We were able to measure it this morning. Sport brings people together!" 

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A feeling that there are many to share. Like another local, the kayaker Thomas Richard for whom the passage of the Flame allowed " beyond the values ​​of Olympicism" "to put a big spotlight on our outdoor sports, outdoor sports which are not yet represented at the Games.& quot;

Danaé Gleye, 16 years old, carrier of Down syndrome  21, accompanied in this exceptional moment by her mother   Alexandra Forir, experienced the relay "very happy. I saw friends from IME, my grandparents and members of my family on the side of the road. The flame wasn't too heavy."

"When we know the whole history of the Games…"

A relay immediately shared with Millavoise Natacha Burg, a former professional footballer now reduced by multiple sclerosis. "We experienced a unique moment. Especially when we know the whole history of the Games and the flame. I was drawn last September 2 with Thomas Richard during the association forum in Millau. This Monday morning, Natacha Burg even had the chance to start the relay.      

The last runner, the Var trail runner Bérénice Garcia, who encourages inclusiveness within the LVMH group, also appreciated the Millavois welcome. "I didn't know the city yet but I was really surprised by the crowd, this enthusiasm, these screams, this crazy excitement!"

The same goes for Montpellier gymnast Josselin Gely. "I’I have always done a lot of sport and I try to convey on a daily basis values ​​similar to those of Olympicism. As such, being a scout here, with my loved ones along the route, represents quite a few things. With this beautiful fervor, it's a source of pride."

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