A new momentum which is bearing fruit on all levels of SC Sète Basket

A new momentum which is bearing fruit on all levels of SC Sète Basket

Des plus jeunes aux seniors, filles et garçons, le SC Sète Basket parvient à fédérer cette saison. Et les résultats suivent. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

Increase in licensees, creation of a women's section, the club is experiencing great dynamics around a new management team.

For its sixty years, the Sport Club Sète Basket seems to have given itself a second youth. Around its new president Lory Rossignol and its sports director Abdel Hamzaoui (national trainer of 3×3 officials, Betclic Elite referee and FFBB employee for training), a large team of managers was formed and the results are already clearly visible.

The club, which today has 190 members (an increase of almost 35% in membership), has notably focused this season on girls, with the creation of a women's section including the U11s, the U15s. and a senior team in CTC (territorial club cooperation) with Frontignan LPB. Bet successful.

Women’s U15s that unite

In U11, Lisa Maynard (yet "first year") stood out brilliantly by finishing second in the Occitanie final of “Panier d& ;rsquo;Or”. Valérie Gavard's U15s also made their mark this season, making their president proud. « It’s a meeting of young people, some of whom are far from sport, others who couldn’t play matches last year due to lack of team , declares Lory Rossignol. « They came together, under the leadership of Valérie, to form a real group with tremendous progress and enthusiasm. They have all been able to find their place and something is happening around them in the stands. It’s a team that unites and progresses. As proof, they took thirty points in the first leg against Mosson. And on the way back, they were the ones who gave them thirty! At that age, they could have quickly become discouraged. But it’s the opposite. In terms of human and collective experience, they experience something rare…hellip; »

Multiple off-field actions

SC Sète is also present outside the grounds of Clavel and Lido. Launched in 2018 under the presidency of Kader Daoudi, the "Summer Sète Basket" (3×3 tournament from U13s to seniors) will take place this year on July 13 and 14 outside the Lido.

The club, which also plans to organize a big end-of-year party around its sixtieth anniversary, will also participate in the "Living together"  organized by the Departmental Committee on May 18 (health basketball, inclusion basketball and micro basketball), intervenes in the city's schools with the Agora, hosts refereeing courses and benefits this season from a partnership with the BLMA professional club (Lattes Montpellier).

Upstairs, in seniors, Charlotte Thevenot's CTC Basket Thau also made a successful debut. « As fate would have it, they were initially in the strongest group », notes the Sète president. « But, now in the “lower” group, they are flying over the competition. The efforts are paying off, there is real solidarity and a great collective spirit. »

Promising Youth

Starting from nothing, women's basketball seems to have a bright future ahead of it on the unique island. But it’s one component among others within SC Sète Basket. In the very well-stocked U9 section, a few children are already promising. In U11, the boys from Ichème Heddouche also finished their first phase in a leadership position and are currently competing in the upper group with the first of the other departmental groups.

In U17, Jean-François Marival's boys learned their skills, with a coach who also trained them when they were U15. « It’is a group mainly made up of "first year" », specifies Lory Rossignol. « They had the courage to enroll this year in departmental level 1, with a two-year project. They are learning, they still have to grow mentally to accept difficult moments in matches. But it’s a team to follow next season. »

Provisional senior leaders

It’s a bit the same observation among the U20s, in CTC with Frontignan. The Ichème Heddouche group, in the second part of the regional championship, is having a good run in the lower group and can, in the long term, be a nice surprise…

Finally, among the senior men, the numbers have exploded and this has led to the registration of a new team, in DM3, where leisure and competition are perfectly combined. As for the ’first" team, in DM2, it is currently at the top of its championship (while waiting for the neighbors from Frontignan to play their two late matches) and can consider moving up to the top ;upper floor.

Who said that at sixty, you weren't still in shape ?

The club organizes courses during the Easter holidays, at the Clavel gymnasium. The first week will be dedicated to U13 to U17, the second to U7 to U11 (from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., picnic possible at lunchtime).
Price: 15 € the day. Registration on Helloasso Sète Basket.
Information on 04 67 74 08 28. I subscribe to read more

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