A new photo of the Millau viaduct, a closed social center, the Post Office on strike: the essential news in the region

A new photo of the Millau viaduct, a closed social center, the Post Office on strike: the essential news in the region

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Retrouvez l'essentiel de l'actualité en région sur midilibre.fr tous les jours à 20 h 30.

Invaded by cats

#GARD. Nearly forty cats, perhaps more, invaded the home of the Février couple, aged 92 and 94, in Saint-Bonnet-de-Salendrinque. In their small house, the smell of animal urine is strong, cat droppings are spread in the hallway and the house is disturbed by clashes between felines.

Distraught, despite numerous supports, the couple tries to live what no longer has anything in common with a peaceful retirement. He is losing his autonomy, suffering at night, which forces Jeanne to watch over him. A situation that the mayor and city council are trying to deal with. After a report of an unsanitary situation at the gendarmerie, a letter was sent to the prefect.

Questions on the closure of the social center

#BEZIERS. The Mas des Rencontres, social center of the popular Devèze district is closed &quot ;temporarily" since February 29 "for security reasons". The Facebook page of the place, managed by the Adages association since 2018, is more explicit: the immediate proximity "of a deal point" would put "in an untenable situation" the public and employees, forcing the latter to exercise their right of withdrawal.

When contacted, Adages management did not provide further details. The employees consider that they can no longer carry out their mission in optimal conditions, we will not comment on the precise reason for this closure. In the meantime, the inhabitants of La Devèze are deprived of sewing workshops, French lessons, artistic projects with photographers, and all the cultural and social activities that the center offered. Adages assures that she is "very concerned" by this situation.

The photo of the Millau Viaduct seen from space

#SATELLITE.In the presence of Philippe Baptiste, president of the French Space Agency, and Jacques Godfrain, notably former mayor of Millau, Jean-Claude Gayssot was presented Tuesday at the CNES (Centre national d’spatial studies), this unique photo of the Millau viaduct – which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year – seen from the sky: the photo was taken by the Pléiades satellites. A double nod for the former Minister of Transport (1997-2002), who launched the construction of the viaduct and currently president of the Van Allen foundation, strategic and financial support of the Montpellier University Space Center for the training and research.

Today’s figure: 200

#BEZIERS. With nearly 200 exhibitors, the traditional Béziers fair returns to the exhibition center, from Thursday March 21 to Sunday March 24. On the program: housing, sport and well-being, gastronomy, garden, decoration… but also three nights for guincher and a distinguished guest, Ugo Latriche, winner of Koh Lanta in 2012 and finalist in 2021. Foir’issime also reserves a place of choice at the real estate show, in partnership with Midi Free.

La Poste still on strike

#MILLAU. This Tuesday, March 12, a good number of the city's postmen were on strike. Behind this new social movement, residues of the one which lasted 43 days, at the end of 2023, due to tour reorganizations. "We have taken back the departmental notice for non-compliance with conflict resolution protocols, pleads Nicolas Redon, representative of FO. The teams are not complete and there is a non-compliance with the doctor's recommendations." Management expresses its incomprehension and believes that all commitments have been kept.

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