A Nîmes woman imprisoned after being indicted for human trafficking and mistreatment of a little girl

A Nîmes woman imprisoned after being indicted for human trafficking and mistreatment of a little girl

La police a conduit la suspecte devant les magistrats du tribunal judiciaire de Nîmes ce samedi 27 janvier. HOCINE ROUAGDIA

Une Nîmoise  a fait l'objet d'une mise en examen ce samedi 27 janvier. Elle est suspectée d'avoir traité une enfant comme une esclave. Elle a été placée en détention provisoire. 

The investigation by the Nîmes police officers resulted in the placement in police custody of a' Nîmes suspect in a case of mistreatment of a child. The investigations would even have uncovered extremely precarious conditions akin to modern slavery with regard to a little girl far from her family roots. According to our information, the child would have been entrusted to this woman living in Nîmes in a context of medical care. In fact, she would have been accommodated in Nîmes with the suspect  whose identity has not been revealed. The elements collected by the juvenile brigade  from the Nîmes police station would have revealed unworthy living conditions and mistreatment inflicted  to the little girl. The affair would have been revealed in the school environment. In reality, the little girl would have indicated that she had suffered mistreatment or even violence.

In this regard, the medical examinations and the charges of the file have  initially resulted in the suspect being placed in police custody and then presented to a  judge instruction from the Nîmes judicial court. The Nîmes public prosecutor's office has opened a judicial investigation for human trafficking and habitual violence against minors under the age of 15. The prosecution not only demanded  the indictment of the suspect but also her placement in pre-trial detention. After the investigating magistrate ordered the indictment, the public prosecutor requested the incarceration of this person. The judge of freedoms and detention (JLD) validated the prosecutor's request and decided to place in pre-trial detention this person who would be around forty years old. Everyone is presumed innocent until justice has been definitively served.

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