A professional in small bricks, customs officers with X-rays, the future of a slaughterhouse in doubt: the main news in the region

A professional in small bricks, customs officers with X-rays, the future of a slaughterhouse in doubt: the main news in the region

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Customs officers X-ray heavy goods vehicles

#AUDE. Customs officers checked heavy goods vehicles on the Arzens motorway area this Wednesday March 13 using a new tool, announces L'Indépendant. This is a mobile scanner to detect drugs, alcohol or counterfeits more precisely in trucks. It allows for more precise control of vehicle containers. A bit like passing a security check with X-rays. The analysis of heavy goods vehicles lasts around ten minutes. Each check does not make it possible to find illicit products. Recently, customs officials have observed an increase in cocaine trafficking. In total, 27 tonnes of cocaine were seized throughout France. 

Slaughterhouse: future under discussion

#GARD. The Nîmes commercial court looked into the case of the Alès slaughterhouse this Wednesday. The magistrates will have to rule on liquidation or judicial recovery, a choice which will be communicated on Wednesday March 20. "There were no particular defects. The court listened. They took note" , indicated, at the end of the audience, the mayor of Alès, Max Roustan, who displayed a rather relieved expression.

With his first deputy, Christophe Rivenq, they defended before the judges the viability of the slaughterhouse, placed in suspension of payments for almost a week. In front of the court doors, around fifty farmers demonstrated for the survival of the company.

Lego® : they export all over the world

#BEZIERS. This construction game reaches millions of enthusiasts and more and more adults… A real opportunity for this Biterrois couple living in the La Devèze district, who knows how to unearth the rare brick or figurine.  "There are millions of Lego fans® in the world. You have those who build, who lose certain pieces or who want to complete their boxes to improve them, expand their range. And then there are the collectors, explains Karl Gréco.

This is where Coli’brick comes in. Contacted through specialized sites or sales platforms such as eBay, the company can provide the requested parts in record time. But this requires flawless organization. When the buyer knows the reference, the search is easy. When you can only provide a description and you have to search through the 700,000 parts in stock, it can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Transport: the company closes

#GARD. The transport company Ducros, formerly Badaroux, closes its doors. She transported the goods of numerous wine estates and cooperative cellars. The Aimargues agency has 34 employees, including 18 drivers. In France, 250 employees, spread across 12 agencies, are losing their jobs. "The company was placed in receivership on February 1 ", explains Alex Paris, agency director. But ultimately no buyer was found."It’is very violent for the team who worked until the end."

Today’s figure: 100

#NIMES. In remission from kidney cancer, Thierry Garcia-Avrilleau will run 100 km in favor of screening. President of the France Rein association in Occitanie Gard Lozère (one hundred members), he wants to alert and mobilize people about kidney pathologies. It is now the fifth most common cancer after breast, lung, colorectal cancer and prostate. "Don't wait until you have pain to act", insist Thierry Garcia-Avrilleau.

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