A thematic day on sport and disability around the Olympics

A thematic day on sport and disability around the Olympics

A thematic day on sport and disability around the Olympics

Initiation au basket en fauteuil, au gymnase.

Thursday, April 4, an awareness day took place on the theme of the Olympic Games, particularly on sport and disability. The middle school students from André-Chamson, the primary students from Guilhem-Adémar and the Hures-la-Parade school, as well as residents from the Lucalous nursing home formed into several groups. Throughout the day, participants went from workshop to workshop to discover Paralympic and Olympic sporting disciplines. There was goalball, an extended soccer game with a sound ball in the dance hall and in the dojo; wheelchair basketball at the gym; a blind race on the football field (one able-bodied person guiding another blindfolded, the two running together) in the village hall and a boccia workshop, a type of pétanque. Éric Cebe, sports instructor at the Lucalous life center, explains this initiative: "Every year, we organize a sports meeting between young people and residents to raise awareness of disabilities. There is a strong will and motivation from the teachers and the host to create these meetings and strengthen the links. The wheelchairs were loaned to us by the Euro-Mediterranean complex of Montrodat, which aims for integration through sport and the right to vacation for all. It's a great success."

At lunchtime, a picnic was shared by everyone, then the activities resumed in the afternoon. Other workshops were offered at the retirement home, with a quiz and two exhibitions on the Olympic flame and the values ​​of sport. In the middle school courtyard there was a laser gun shooting range, a relay race hosted by the 4th and 3rd graders and a curling hockey stand, in the college refectory, hosted by the primary school students. The day ended with a snack.

All students from CP to CM2 received an envelope from the Ministries of National Education and Sports with inside, a booklet, games and a minted €2 commemorative coin by the Paris currency on the occasion of the Olympic Games.

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