A Yonnet bullfight, a controversy around a poster, the flame that arrives: the essential news in the region

A Yonnet bullfight, a controversy around a poster, the flame that arrives: the essential news in the region

Every evening at 8:30 p.m., the essential regional news on midilibre.fr.

Every evening at 8:30 p.m., find the essential regional news on midilibre.fr.

Controversy surrounding the feria poster signed Jean Moulin

#BÉZIERS.The Feria poster taken from a drawing by Jean Moulin who frequented the arenas before the 1920s is at the heart of a controversy. In question, the use of the Resistance and the caption he had written under the drawing, a caricature. Municipal councilor Thierry Antoine was one of the first to draw. "No one can say what Jean Moulin thought of bullfighting. But above all, respecting Jean Moulin the man, the artist, is also respecting his work, not mutilating it, not seeking force to make him say what he does not say. not."

For its part, the Béziers Liaison Committee for the Abolition of Bullfighting (Colbac) believes that by highlighting a symbol of French resistance, Robert Ménard wants to make the issue clear. idea that defending bullfighting is an act of resistance. This is a shameful recovery.

The mayor claims to have simply wanted once again to honor the memory of Jean Moulin, the Biterrois.

Six bulls from Yonnet to conclude the Alès feria

#TAUROMACHY. The Yonnet bulls will be at the cartel of the closing bullfight of the Alès feria, this Sunday, at 5:30 p.m. A poster that will delight demanding aficionados. With three quality bullfighters like Morenito de Aranda, Luis Gerpe and Tibo Garcia for the bullfight in tribute to the ten years since the death of Hubert Yonnet.

His granddaughter, Charlotte Yonnet, who has run the two family businesses for a quarter of a century, said "very moved by the tribute from’ rsquo;Alès and Manolo Vanegas". She is confident in the performance of her bulls which have shone twice in recent years at Céret and Arles. "It’is a very serious lot worthy of ;a first-class arena.

The Olympic flame arrives in Aveyron

#MILLAU. Early risers! The Olympic flame will be in the city of the glove this Monday from 8:40 a.m. for a 50-minute parade between the sports park and the Mandarous. Even today, many activities around outdoor sports are planned while waiting for this historic day. Please note, traffic and parking are prohibited on the route.

On the viaduct, traffic will be interrupted from midnight to 9:30 a.m. between interchanges 45 and 47. Diversions will be put in place by the RD 911 and RD 809.

A story of bitter water

#SOMMIÈRES. Alain Sutra-Fourcade does not lose his temper. For more than 20 years, he has faced the twists and turns of the administration and the justice system surrounding the case of his house. Floods led to an expropriation notice in 2007.

Without agreement on the amount of compensation proposed, the matter dragged on. Today, the owner has still not received the final decision forcing him to leave his house. But a new episode adds fuel to the fire.

Véolia and the town hall asked him "to take the water from my meter for the Tour de France this summer. How can anyone dare to contact me so that I can supply water to an internationally known sporting event, with all the economic benefits ?"

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