After his controversial list of bans for his wife on TikTok, the Muslim influencer excluded by the Uzès football club

After his controversial list of bans for his wife on TikTok, the Muslim influencer excluded by the Uzès football club

Adel Sidi Yakoub, jeune footballeur qui jouait à Uzès dans le Gard. Capture TikTok

Adel Sidi Yakoub, jeune footballeur qui officiait à l'ES Pays d'Uzès dans le Gard a été exclu de son club après la publication d'une vidéo le 6 janvier dernier dans laquelle il liste les obligations que devra suivre son épouse.

The sanction fell. Adel Sidi Yakoub, a footballer from the Entente sportive du Pays d'Uzès in Gard, published a video on TikTok on January 6. In which he listed several prohibited points for the attention of his (future) wife.

Followed by almost 800,000 subscribers on TikTok, the young influencer posted this video which created a buzz, but which was not at all to the taste of the player's club.

The list "My wife will not have the right…"

In the controversial video, we see the footballer listing his list named "My wife will not have the right…" facing the camera with five prohibitions. His wife will therefore not have the right… to have boy friends, to work with men around her her, to go on a trip without me, to dress in tight or vulgar clothes and to expose herself on social networks.

@keonii_ ?ADEL IS MISOGYN AND WANTS TO IMPOSE THESE RULES IN FRANCE ?? Your opinion ? He's going too far ? Isn't this regressive, especially restricting his woman ? Is this not disrespecting the freedom of women ? Adel, a French footballer with 780,000 subscribers and who defends a rigorous Islam, declares that his wife will not be able to have çboy friends», «s’express on social networks» or even put on «tight-fitting clothes». Between two videos on football, a Muslim influencer insisted on sharing his content. explain à his 780,000 TikTok subscribers the rules to which his future wife will have to comply. In the video published on Saturday entitled «My wife will not have the right», Adel Sidi Yakoub, player within the Entente Sportive Pays d'Uzes, in the Gard department, lists five bans that it considers “very reasonable”. His wife will also be prohibited from &lquo;working with men», even if it means that she is not allowed to work with men. «stay à the house». She won’t be able to “go on a trip without me” anymore, Adel continues. «The trips with her friends, she forgets (…) It’s me who protects her», believes the young man who however admits an exception for «the men of his family, brother or father. Your opinion ? #keonii #keonews #adel #syadel30 #syadel #adelleinverse #adelfemme #adelcnews #adelfoot #drama #scandale #polemic #debat #cnews #pourtoi #foryoupageofficiall2022 #fypシ #fyp ♬ original sound – Keonii | Internet News ?️

Even though the latter quickly deleted the video on his TikTok account, it caused enough noise for the football club to react.

The club dissociates itself from its comments 

As soon as the club became aware of this video, it published a press release to dissociate itself from the player's comments. The Entente sportive Pays d'Uzès posted on Facebook: "Following the TikTok video on Adel's account. The thoughts and words of Mr Sidi Yakoub Adel only concern him and in no way the club. No connection with our club, unfairly cited." And it is signed by management.

Before completely excluding the player

A few hours later, the decision was made. In a press release it is specified: "The steering committee of the Entente sportive Pays d'Uzès has decided to exclude the player Mr Sidi Yakoub Adel from his club.&quot ;

The team defender will no longer be able to play under the colors of this Gard club.

He had tried to calm the controversy

Highly attacked from all sides, Adel Sidi Yakoub had tried to justify himself since the publication of his video to prevent this buzz from costing him dearly. He had deleted the compromising videos on his TikTok account and he had published new ones assuring that it was some kind of joke, that he played an acting role there.

But apparently that wasn't enough for his club…

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