Is paid leave not taken before May 31 really lost ?

Is paid leave not taken before May 31 really lost ?

Les congés payés sont acquis au rythme de 2,5 jours ouvrables par mois de travail effectif. MAXPPP – Pierre HECKLER

Les salariés qui n’ont pas pris leurs congés payés risquent de les perdre dès le 1er juin. On vous explique pourquoi.

All employees who have not taken their paid leave for the month of May will see them disappear from June 1. Paid leave is acquired at the rate of 2 .5 working days per month of actual work, during a reference period set from June 1 of the previous year to May 31 of the current year, depending on common law.

An alert received

Employees must have received an alert to warn of the situation. But, "there is the rule and the exception", points out Déborah David, associate lawyer at De Gaulle Fleurance, to BFMTV.

"In collective agreements or company agreements, but also in the case where the employee has been prevented for professional or medical reasons", explains- she. "In the event of refusal by the employer for organizational reasons, the employee may postpone the days not taken after the 31st  mai", she adds.

The public service site specifies that "the employer must also have your agreement if he/she wants you to postpone your days after the taking period leave".

Sick leave

In the event of sick leave, employees can postpone their leave that they acquired during the period in which they are off work for professional or non-professional illnesses. "They are entitled to 2.5 days for professional illnesses and 2 days for illnesses not related to their work activity", recalls Geoffrey Fournier, human resources director of Securitas Technology.

The deposit for unused days can be saved by putting them in a time savings account (CET). This system allows you to include the fifth week of leave, as well as RTT or additional leave, such as those linked to seniority. "In In all cases, the employee must take four weeks of leave", explains Déborah David.

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