After investing, Gard bois enters a new dimension

After investing, Gard bois enters a new dimension

Après presque 10 ans d’existence, Gard bois est devenu un acteur majeur de la vente de granulés. Midi Libre – DR

L’entreprise de Salindres spécialisée le chauffage au bois, se développe sur le net.

After several months of work, the new 1 500 m2 storage hangars of the Gard bois company are in operation. In the Synerpole industrial zone of Salindres, the company specializes in the supply of wood products intended for heating. Guillaume Charmasson and his team can now cope with the numerous orders that reach them via their online sales site.

The sale of pellets is also summer

"With this tool, and since the energy crisis, we have entered another dimension, notes the chief d&rsquo ;Salindres company.The tensions that we experienced for the supply of pellets are behind us. We said to ourselves that we needed to accelerate our projects to equip ourselves with a more efficient tool. The investment is substantial, more than 800,000 euros, but it was necessary in order to secure our supplies, remain constant in terms of product quality and have good price. The company has become more sustainable, which has allowed us to hire."

The two hangars are equipped with solar panels and produce the equivalent of the consumption of around twenty houses. "My idea is to create a mode of collective self-consumption. This involves sharing electricity production with our neighbors in the area. A sort of short chain for electricity."

A growing business

The first hangar is dedicated to bulk or bagged pellets. In the other are stored wood chips for industrial boilers, and wood shavings for mulching or for shock-absorbing floors for playgrounds. “We work for landscapers who have won the contract for the new Montpellier tram line, indicates Thomas Establet, sales manager. Wood shavings help keep moisture in the soil, it's eco-friendly, and not very expensive.”

To avoid market tensions, consumers no longer wait for winter to stock up. “It There is no longer a drop in activity in the summer, notes the boss of Gard Bois. Consumers no longer wait for winter to buy. This smooths out the market… and prices. With the volumes we pass, particularly for large-scale distribution, we can offer negotiated rates to individuals. We ensure deliveries up to 100 km around Salindres. We also have a drive-through at the depot."

Between Jeunes Pousses, the company specializing in the creation and maintenance of gardens, and Gard Bois, the group has 30 employees. "We have just recruited two apprentices and a manager for online sales management. And to think that we started with two people! Next year, the company will be ten years old."


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