Agde: Amandine Gomez wins the European underwater fishing championship in Türkiye

Agde: Amandine Gomez wins the European underwater fishing championship in Türkiye

Une belle ceinture pour la jeune Amandine Gomez. D.R.

Après avoir découvert l'équipe de France cet hiver, la plongeuse du Harpon-club agathois, déjà championne de France en titre chez les minimes et les Espoirs, vient de fapper un grand coup en mer de Marmara.

The little prodigy has struck again! Reigning French champion in the junior and Espoir categories, regularly well-ranked in competitions with the boys, Amandine Gomez has just achieved the greatest feat of her young career by winning the Euro-African spearfishing championship in the waters of the Maramara Sea in Turkey.

A tricky first day

Already this winter, Amandine, who had just joined the French team, had made headlines in the Balearic Islands by coming 2nd in the Women's Cup and 4th with the Bleues. This time, the member of the Harpon-club agathois initially had a complicated first day, with five old ones hanging on her belt (the maximum allowed), allowing her to benefit from the bonus of 2,000 points. The other competitors having also suffered from the lack of fish, she limited the damage by finishing 7th.

Eight big fish on the belt

In identical conditions, the second day of competition saw the competitors grouped together in a restricted area. Amandine very quickly filled her quota of five old fish, to which were added three nice corbs, synonymous with a second quota.

With eight big fish plus two quotas of 2,000 points, the Agathoise won this championship at the end of the suspense, the jury having taken time to deliberate. She leaves behind three Turkish divers and especially the Spanish world champion.

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