Agde: the DNACG sanctions the ROA and removes five points from the ranking

Agde: the DNACG sanctions the ROA and removes five points from the ranking

Malgré une belle saison, les Agathois vont maintenant devoir batailler pour se qualifier. MIDI LIBRE – MICHEL DESNOS

When it's time to welcome Issoire this Sunday, March 3 at 3 p.m., an administrative error ruins the season. But qualification for the final stages is still playable.

This is very bad news that recently arrived directly from the French Rugby Federation.

Sound finances, but…

After examination of the club's accounts by the National Directorate of Assistance and Management Control (DNACG), the rugby regulatory authority, RO Agde, until then very well placed in its ranking group of Fédérale 1, saw themselves deducted five points. The reason ? An administrative error which saw the club, despite "a good financial balance sheet", would like to emphasize the president Thierry Dominguez, exceed the percentage authorized for the payroll, i.e. 45% of a budget which is around €670,000. Payroll which includes the costs of mileage allowances (the majority of the envelope) allocated to the players, as well as the salaries of the five young educators engaged as part of their training for the Professional Certificate of youth, popular education and sport (BPJEPS), which the leaders were obviously unaware of.

Players informed this week

Although it was at one time considered to appeal this decision, the club, upset but aware that it was at fault, decided to accept the sentence and announced it to the players this time. week."They are disappointed, but have understood the situation", thinks Thierry Dominguez, as this Sunday March 3 looms ;one of the most important matches of the season at home, with the reception of the leader, Issoire.

Qualification still in the sights

The opportunity for sports director Damien Bes to put the emphasis back on the athlete. "If we want to qualify, you have to win at least three at home and once away in the last six regular phase matches", he believes. "We do everything for the players, the club has no financial problems, I am convinced that we can qualify." 

As much as the return of several senior players is looming: seriously injured at the start of the season, Thibauld Suchier has returned, as has 3rd line Vincent Barrière, who will be fit next week."With the state of mind that we have shown since the start of the season, the desire and the support of the supporters, we will get there&quot ;, adds Damien Bes, with the “grinta” that we know him.

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