Agde: the sculptures of Agnès Descamps saluted in Carcassonne by the Olympic flame

Agde: the sculptures of Agnès Descamps saluted in Carcassonne by the Olympic flame

Agnès Descamps (à g.) et Hélène Sandragné à l’heure du dévoilement des sculptures. PHOTO TOTO

L’artiste a réalisé trois œuvres pour le conseil départemental de l’Aude.

The departure of the Olympic flame for a long journey through Aude, from Carcassonne to Gruissan via Narbonne, on May 14, was also a significant day for the sculptor Agnès Descamps, installed for a good half of the year. in his workshop on rue Honoré-Muratet, in the historic center of Agde, for around ten years now.

Sport as a support

At the request of Hélène Sandragné, president of the departmental council of Aude, she created three sculptures representing the emblematic disciplines of the region, namely cycling and snowboarding. sailing and rugby. The president who, on her social networks, wanted to thank Agnès Descamps "who, through her technique and her inspiration, allowed art to meet sport with finesse. "

Cut metal sculptures in high demand

"The departure of the Olympic flame in front of my sculptures, I couldn't dream of better! ", appreciates for her part the one who is also a painter and visual artist and whose work never ceases to seduce communities, individuals and businesses. Sculptures in cut metal (but not only) with a characteristic style, scattered throughout the territory of the Hérault-Méditrranée agglomeration community. We think of the bust of Marianne in the town hall of Agde, of the Samothrace exhibited at the entrance to the Gigamed building, in Bessan, of the bust of Molière inaugurated in Pézenas two years ago of course, without forgetting a series of Ephebes, Caesarion and Venus, available in different materials and colors. Which can also be admired in his workshop on rue Muratet, but also in the showroom of the Fabelcasa brand, in Iconic, in Cap d’Agde, where the’ artist exhibited several of his creations.

A formidable ambassador of Agathois creation, at a time when the premises allocated by the Agglo to Artistic Crafts over the last ten years will be reserved for the arts. installation of new local traders.

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